Świat Allegry

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Świat Allegry
Allegra's Window
Gatunek serialu serial animowany
Kraj produkcji  Stany Zjednoczone
Liczba odcinków 52
Liczba serii 1
Czas trwania odcinka 15 minut
Stacja telewizyjna MiniMini
Lata emisji 1994-1996

Świat Allegry (ang. Allegra's Window, 1994-1996) – amerykański serial animowany, który był emitowany w Polsce na kanale MiniMini.

Spis odcinków[edytuj | edytuj kod]

N/o Polski tytuł Angielski tytuł
01 Storytime Sing Along
02 Small Is Beautiful
03 Play Along with Allegra and Friends
04 Play it Again, Allegra
05 Waiting For Grandma
06 Sing Along With Allegra and Lindi
07 Adventures in Hummingbird Alley
08 First Day At Daycare
09 Don't Touch My Stuff!
10 The Imaginary Zoo
11 They're Monsters in Here
12 Allegra is Seeing the Doctor
13 Lots of Turkey Pox
14 Allegra Plants a Rose
15 Allegra's Earth Day Project
16 Allegra's Halloween
17 Allegra On Ice
18 Allegra's Birthday
19 Allegra's Easter
20 Baby Allegra
21 Allegra's Carnival
22 Allegra's Christmas
23 Allegra Gets a Shot
24 Last Day at Daycare
25 Allegra's Circus
26 Allegra's Graduation
27 Allegra Gets Stuck
28 Lindi's Last Howl
29 Allegra's Valentine's Day
30 Allegra Rides Again Parts 1 and 3
31 Down the Drain
32 Rondo's Band
33 Allegra's New Shoes
34 Riff Hibernates
35 Puppies in Hawaii
36 Allegra Vomits
37 The Puke of the Matter
38 Allegra's Day
39 Rondo's Day
40 Puppy Power to the Rescue
41 Lindi's Day
42 Riff's Day
43 Allegra Cooks
44 Allegra's Window LIVE! On Stage
45 Fly Allegra to the Moon
46 Mermaid Puppies
47 Allegra Sees the Dentist
48 Cowgirl Allegra
49 Just the Four of Us
50 Let Them Eat Feast
51 Fast Food is On the Way
52 The Doctor is In
S1 Allegra's Window: The Musical