Jeremi (komiks)

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Jeremi (ang. Zits) – seria amerykańskich komiksów autorstwa Jerry'ego Scotta i ilustrowana przez Jima Borgmana. Po raz pierwszy został wydany w lipcu 1997 r.

Albumy[edytuj | edytuj kod]

  • Zits: Sketchbook #1
  • Growth Spurt: Sketchbook #2
    • Humongous Zits: A Zits Treasury
  • Don't Roll Your Eyes At Me, Young Man!: Sketchbook #3
  • Are We An "Us"?: Sketchbook #4
    • Big Honkin' Zits: A Zits Treasury
  • Zits Unzipped: Sketchbook #5
  • Busted!: Sketchbook #6
    • Zits Supersized: A Zits Treasury
  • Road Trip!: Sketchbook #7
  • Teenage Tales: Sketchbook #8
    • Random Zits: A Zits Treasury
  • Thrashed: Sketchbook #9
  • Pimp My Lunch: Sketchbook #10
    • Crack of Noon: A Zits Treasury
  • Are We Out of the Driveway Yet?: Sketchbook #11
  • Rude, Crude, and Tattooed: Sketchbook #12
    • Alternative Zits: A Zits Treasury
  • Jeremy and Mom: A Zits Retrospective You Should Definitely Buy for Your Mom
  • Pierced: A Zits Close-Up
    • My Bad: A Zits Treasury
  • Lust and Other Uses for Spare Hormones: A Zits Look At Relationships
  • A Zits Guide to Living With Your Teenager
  • Jeremy & Dad: A ZITS Tribute-ish to Fathers and Sons
  • You're Making That Face Again: Zits Sketchbook No. 13
  • Zombie Parents and Other Hopes For A More Perfect World: Zits Sketchbook No. 14