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List of Polish Wikipedia admins with their language skills


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Listing article requests related to the United States[edytuj | edytuj kod]

Where may I list article requests related to the United States? WhisperToMe (dyskusja) 13:54, 20 mar 2014 (CET)

@WhisperToMe I think the closest thing would be Wikipedia:Propozycje tematów/Stany Zjednoczone (that page is technically called "ideas" or "suggestions" rather than "requests"). Matma Rex dyskusja 11:11, 21 mar 2014 (CET)
Thank you! I'll check if anything has been posted there yet WhisperToMe (dyskusja) 14:22, 22 mar 2014 (CET)

Join the Umepedia Challenge![edytuj | edytuj kod]

Hi there, first off all, sorry for writing in English. Please help translate this message to your language!

Far up north here in Sweden we have more than ice and elks! This month (1st-31st May) you are invited to take part in a writing contest about the northern city of Umeå, which currently is the European Capital of Culture. These 40 important articles are needed in your language as we hope to place QRpedia signs next to these landmarks in Umeå during 2014, making it easier for tourists and immigrants to enjoy the city's history and culture. This will make Umeå the first Wikipedia city in the Nordic countries! :-)

I hope that you will join the fun and take part in translating or improving these 40 articles and win great prizes! Kind regards, John Andersson (WMSE) (dyskusja) 15:11, 1 maj 2014 (CEST) (project manager for Umepedia)

Putin khuilo![edytuj | edytuj kod]

Please create article Putin khuilo! --Kaiyr (dyskusja) 16:46, 18 cze 2014 (CEST)

We've already deleted it. I'm not a right person to talk about the reasons ;) Soldier of Wasteland (dyskusja) 16:51, 18 cze 2014 (CEST)

noclickhere on Wikipedia:Kawiarenka/Babel[edytuj | edytuj kod]

Please see --Jeremyb-phone (dyskusja) 22:56, 2 sie 2014 (CEST)

Ten years of Wikipedia in Asturian language[edytuj | edytuj kod]

Wątek założony przed: 21:02, 8 wrz 2014 (CET)

Please excuse us for not speaking Polish yet.

Oviedo, September 8, 2014

Next September 12 and 13, the Asturian Wikipedia community of users will celebrate with the support of Wikimedia España Chapter the tenth anniversary of Uiquipedia, the free encyclopedia in Asturian. The events will take place in Auditorio Príncipe Felipe (Plaza La Gesta, Oviedo).

Asturian language on the street.

The first article in Asturian was «Zazaki», a minority language spoken in Turkey. That first edit was in July 26, 2004. Ten years later, more than 800 000 edits have been made on almost 20 000 articles, and numbers are growing every day with the work of tens of volunteers. And it doesn’t stop there: other Wikimedia projects in Asturian have been developed, such as Wikicionary, Wikisource and Wikiquote. Managed by Wikimedia Foundation, all of them make part of a global movement that started in 2001 when Wikipedia started with the goal of delivering freely all human knowledge.

To commemorate this date, Uiquipedia and Wikimedia España are carrying out two days of celebration events so that the projects in Asturian are better known. Literature, poetry music and traditions in Asturian will be present. It’s free and everybody is welcome. In addition, Wikimedia España will have its annual General Assembly in Oviedo.

See here the schedule of activities.

B25es (dyskusja)