Beatrice (wiersz Sary Teasdale)

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Beatrice – wiersz Sary Teasdale[1][2] z tomiku Helen of Troy and Other Poems, wydanego w 1911[3]. Utwór ma formę monologu dramatycznego[4], wypowiadanego przez Beatrycze. Został napisany wierszem białym.

Send out the singers—let the room be still;
They have not eased my pain nor brought me sleep.
Close out the sun, for I would have it dark
That I may feel how black the grave will be.
The sun is setting, for the light is red,
And you are outlined in a golden fire,
Like Ursula upon an altar-screen.
Come, leave the light and sit beside my bed,
For I have had enough of saints and prayers.
Strange broken thoughts are beating in my brain,
They come and vanish and again they come.
It is the fever driving out my soul,
And Death stands waiting by the arras there.

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