Herkules (serial animowany 1963)

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The Mighty Hercules
Gatunek serial animowany
Kraj produkcji  Kanada
Liczba odcinków 128
Liczba serii 1
Lista odcinków
Czas trwania odcinka 5 minut
Pierwsza emisja
Data premiery Ziemia 1 września 2008
Stacja telewizyjna Polska RTL 7
Lata emisji 1963-1966

Herkules (ang. The Mighty Hercules, 1963-1966) – kanadyjski serial animowany opowiadający o greckim mitologicznym bohaterze Herkulesie.

Opis fabuły[edytuj]

Serial przedstawia losy Herkulesa - greckiego bohatera mitologicznego, mieszkającym na górze Olimp. Gdy mieszkańcom Grecji grozi niebezpieczeństwo zawsze przychodzi na ratunek. Dzięki magicznemu pierścieniowi zyskuje super-moce.

Spis odcinków[edytuj]

N/o Polski tytuł Angielski tytuł
001 Hercules Comes To Earth
002 Hercules Vs. The Hydra
003 Hercules And The Stolen Ring
004 Hercules And The Magic Arrows
005 Daedalius Kidnaps Helena
006 Theft Of The Magic Seal
007 Double Trouble
008 Hercules Rescues Timon
009 The Chair Of Forgetfulness
010 The Strength Potion
011 Hercules Vs. The Hideous Bird Beast
012 Pegasus Kidnapped
013 The Invisible Potion
014 Medusa's Scepter
015 Search For The Golden Apple
016 The Thieving Bird Hoard
017 Daedalius Becomes A Giant
018 The Stolen Treasure
019 The Cure
020 The Thunderbolt Disc
021 Sun Diamond Of Helios
022 Hercules Lends A Hand
023 The Defiant Mask Of Vulcan
024 The Golden Goblet
025 The Lexas Lagoon
026 Guarding Of The Olympic Torch
027 Helena Cries Wolf
028 Hercules Saves The Villagers
029 Hercules And The Magic Arrows
030 Hercules Battles The Krudes Beast
031 The Cave Of Death
032 Medusa's Sceptre
033 The Bewitch Birds
034 The Enchanted Pool
035 The Endless Chasm
036 Hercules Protects Helena And Newton
037 Hercules Helps King Neptune
038 The Return Of The Mask
039 Hercules Saves Helena
040 The Magnetic Stone
041 The Magic Rod
042 The Minotaur
043 Hercules And The Eternal Sleep
044 The Clutching Clay Pool
045 Princess Rhea
046 The Valley Of Whirlwinds
047 The Wild Boar
048 The Magic Belt Of Hercules
049 The Errand Of Mercy
050 The Neamean Legion
051 The Magician
052 Dorian's Wreath
053 The Unicorns
054 Wilamene
055 The Witch And The Magic Ring
056 Diomedes' Evil Plot
057 Hercules' Unwanted Powers
058 The Enchanted Wolf
059 Hercules And His Two Rivals
060 Hercules Saves The King
061 The Thracian Army
062 The Gems Of Venus
063 The Golden Torch
064 Hercules Vs. Teron, The Evil Spirit
065 Hercules Saves The Kingdom
066 Kidnapped By Wilamene
067 The Chameleon Creature
068 Earthquake Valley
069 Newton The Centaur
070 Helena Kidnapped - Hercules To The Rescue
071 Hercules And His Friends
072 The Magic Sword
073 Timon's Grandfather And Hercules
074 Hercules Loses His Memory
075 The Hall Of Justice
076 The Cave Of Callisto
077 The Powerless Hercules
078 Omar, The Sultan's Champion
079 Sandals Of Electra
080 The Sea Witch
081 The Giant
082 Helena's Beauty
083 The Island Of The Miros Monster
084 Hercules And The Fireball
085 Hercules Outwits The Magician
086 The Evil Weapon
087 The Giant Ruby
088 The Owl Man
089 The Chameleon Man
090 Hercules Foils The Mask Of Vulcan
091 The Exploding Diamond
092 Hercules And The Sea Witch
093 The Magic Lamp
094 The Owl-Man Of Panssus
095 The Eruption Of Mount Sirus
096 The Deadly Gift
097 The Thesian Thunderhorn
098 The Dreaded Beast Of Charon
099 Hercules, Newton, And The Evil Magician
100 The Fiery Abyss
101 The Giant Dragonfly
102 Tewt's Magic Wand Trouble
103 The Wings Of Mercury
104 The Sea Beast
105 Prometheus In Dire Danger
106 The Crafty Chameleon
107 Kingdom Under The Glass Dome
108 The Fantus Beast
109 The Lyssidian Locusts
110 Hercules Saves Calydon
111 Helena's Jinx
112 The Sinister Statue
113 Friend Or Foe Of Centaur
114 The Young Olympians
115 The Feast Of Calydon
116 The Lava Flow
117 The Dreaded Draught
118 Underwater Battle
119 The Sidian Illusion Stone
120 Timon To the Aid Of Hercules
121 The Fiery Pits of Pyros
122 The Clovis Creature
123 The Valley Of Storms
124 The Centaur On Mischief Day
125 The Throne Of Calydon
126 Battle Of the Magic Rings
127 Diomedes And His Warriors
128 King For A Day

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