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English: The national emblem of the Republic of China (ROC). Slightly different from Party Emblem of Kuomintang.
中文(繁體)‎: 中華民國國徽,注意與中國國民黨黨徽的差別。
中文(简体)‎: 中华民国国徽,注意与中国国民党党徽的差别。
日本語: 中華民国の国徽
한국어: 중화민국(대만)의 국장(國章). 중국 국민당의 휘장과 다소 차이가 있음에 주의.
文言: 中華民國之國徽
العربية: شعار جمهورية الصين
Deutsch: Staatswappen der Republik China
Español: Emblema de la República China
Français : Emblème national de la République de Chine
客家語/Hak-kâ-ngî: Chûng-fà Mìn-koet Koet-fî
Монгол: Төрийн сүлд Бүгд Найрамдах Хятад Улс
Bân-lâm-gú: Tiong-huâ Bîn-kok ê kok-hui
Português: Emblema nacional da República da China
Svenska: Republiken Kinas statsvapen.
Català: Emblema de la República de la Xina
Tiếng Việt: Quốc huy Trung Hoa Dân Quốc
Vahcuengh: Cunghvaz Minzgoz Gozveih
Русский: Герб Китайской Республики
Українська: Герб Республіки Китай
Źródło Taiwanese Beech-1900C
Autor Sekisama
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Public domain
This image is now in the public domain in China because its term of copyright has expired. According to copyright laws of the People's Republic of China (with legal jurisdiction in the mainland only, excluding Hong Kong and Macao) and the Republic of China (currently with jurisdiction in Taiwan, the Penghu, Kinmen, Matsu, etc.), all photographs and cinematographic works, and all works whose copyright holder is a juristic person, enter the public domain 50 years after they were first published, or if unpublished 50 years from creation, and all other applicable works enter the public domain 50 years after the death of the creator.
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Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg

Flag of the Republic of China.svg
Public domain
Copyright Act of the Republic of China in effect in Taiwan:

Article 9

The following items shall not be the subject matter of copyright:

  1. The constitution, acts, regulations, or official documents.
  2. Translations or compilations by central or local government agencies of works referred to in the preceding subparagraph.
  3. Slogans and common symbols, terms, formulas, numerical charts, forms, notebooks, or almanacs.
  4. Oral and literary works for news reports that are intended strictly to communicate facts.
  5. Test questions and alternative test questions from all kinds of examinations held pursuant to laws or regulations.

The term "official documents" in the first subparagraph of the preceding paragraph includes proclamations, text of speeches, news releases, and other documents prepared by civil servants in the course of carrying out their duties.

This work is from any of the items above and is in the public domain in Taiwan administered by the Republic of China and possibly other jurisdictions. For images of traffic signs and indicating lines, please see also Template:PD-ROC-Traffic Signs and Template:PD-ROC-Traffic Indicating Lines.

PD-ROC-exempt Public domain in the Republic of China //

Flag of the Republic of China
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Ta grafika przedstawia flagę, herb, pieczęć lub inne insygnia. Użycie takich symboli jest ograniczone w wielu krajach. Te ograniczenia są niezależne od praw autorskich.
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