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Imię i nazwisko Nadir Khayat
Data i miejsce urodzenia 10 kwietnia 1972
Tétouan, Maroko
Gatunki House, Pop, Dance, Electronica, R&B
Zawód producent muzyczny, wydawca
Aktywność od 2003
Wytwórnie płytowe 2101 Records
Powiązania Lady Gaga, One Direction, Akon, Mylène Farmer, Jennifer Lopez, Nicole Scherzinger, Mohombi, Enrique Iglesias, Pitbull, Porcelain Black, Nicki Minaj, Nayer, Sugababes, Kelly Rowland, Shakira, Flo Rida, Kylie Minogue, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan
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Nadir Khayat, znany pod pseudonimem RedOne (ur. 10 kwietnia 1972 r. w Tétouan, Maroko) – producent muzyczny oraz autor tekstów[1].

Produkcje[edytuj | edytuj kod]

Rok Artysta Tytuł Album
2001 A*Teens "...To the Music" Teen Spirit
2002 "Slam" Pop 'Til You Drop!
"Singled Out"
2004 Christina Milian "L.O.V.E. (Remix feat. Joe Budden)" It's About Time
2005 Carl Henry "I Wish" I Wish
"Little Mama"
Darin "I Can See U Girl" The Anthem
"Encore, Otra Vez, One More Time"
"What Is Love"
"Move" Darin
"Step Up"
"B What U Wanna B"
"U Don't Hear Me"
2006 RBD "Wanna play" Rebels
"Cariño mio"
2007 Kat DeLuna "9 Lives" 9 Lives
"Run The Show"
"Am I Dreaming"
"Whine Up"
"Feel What I Feel"
"Love Me, Leave Me"
"In the End"
"Love Confusion"
"Be Remembered"
"Enjoy Saying Goodbye"
"Como un Sueño"
"How We Roll"
"You Are Only Mine"
Cheetah Girls "Crash" TCG
2008 Akon "Against the Grain" Freedom
"Sunny Day"
Brandy "True" Human
Darin "Breathing Your Love" Flashback
"Girl Next Door"
"See U at the Club"
"Brought Me Back"
Enrique Iglesias "Takin' Back My Love" Greatest Hits
Izzy BY "Comment je te baisse" BXL Till I Die
Lady Gaga "Just Dance" The Fame
"Poker Face"
"Money Honey"
"Boys Boys Boys"
"Paper Gangsta"
New Kids on the Block "Big Girl Now" The Block
"Dirty Dancing"
"Sexify My Love"
"Full Service"
"Put It on My Tab"
"Looking Like Danger"
Tiffany Evans "Again" Tiffany Evans
2009 Alexandra Burke "The Silence" Overcome
"Broken Heels"
Backstreet Boys "Straight Through My Heart" This Is Us
"All Of Your Life (Need Love)"
Cinema Bizarre "I Came 2 Party" ToyZ
Flipsyde "When It Was Good" State of Survival
"A Change"
"Green Light"
Lady Gaga "Bad Romance" The Fame Monster
"So Happy I Could Die"
Little Boots "Remedy" Hands
Pixie Lott "Here We Go Again" Turn It Up
"Rolling Stone"
Sean Kingston "Fire Burning" Tomorrow
"Power Of Money"
Space Cowboy "Just Play That Track" Digital Rock Star
"Falling Down"
"I Came 2 Party"
"Boyfriends Hate Me"
"Party Like Animal"
"I'ma Be Alright (Rent Money)"
Various Artists "Fashion" (Lady Gaga) Confessions of a Shopaholic Soundtrack
"Calling You" (Kat DeLuna)
"Unstoppable" (Kat DeLuna)
2010 Alexandra Burke "Start Without You" (Feat Laza Morgan) Overcome (Deluxe Edition)
"What Happens On The Dancefloor" (Feat Cobra Starship)
Artists for Haiti "We Are the World 25 for Haiti" We Are the World 25 for Haiti
Cassie "Lets Get Crazy" Electro Love
Colby O'Donis "I Wanna Touch You" TBD
Enrique Iglesias "I Like It" Euphoria
"One Day At A Time"
"Dirty Dancer"
"Why Not Me?"
Jada "American Cowboy" TBD
Kat DeLuna "Party O'Clock" Inside Out (EU Edition)
"Oh Yeah (La La La)"
"All In My Head"
"Rock The House"
"Calling You"
"Unstoppable" (feat. Lil Wayne)
Lil Jon "Give It All U Got" Crunk Rock
Livvi Franc "Automatik" Livvi Franc
Mary J. Blige "Whole Lotta Love" Stronger with Each Tear
Mika "ick Ass" ick Ass OST
Mohombi "Bumpy Ride" Movemeant
"Miss Me"
"Dirty Situation"
Mylène Farmer "Oui mais... non" Bleu Noir
"Lonely Lisa"
Nicole Scherzinger "Poison" Killer Love
Orianthi "Addicted to Love" Believe (II)
Selena Gomez & the Scene "Summer's Not Hot" A Year Without Rain
Sugababes "About a Girl" Sweet 7
The Bilz and Kashif "On The Dancefloor" (Interpolates Darin "Girl Next Door") Breaking Barriers
Usher "More" Raymond vs. Raymond
2011 Alex Sparrow "Get You" TBD
Cher Lloyd "Over The Moon" Sticks + Stones
Enrique Iglesias "I Like How It Feels" (Feat. Pitbull & The WAV.s) Euphoria Reloaded
Jason Derülo "Fight for You" Future History
Jennifer Lopez "On The Floor" (Feat. Pitbull) Love?
"Invading My Mind"
"Charge Me Up"
JLS "She Makes Me Wanna" (Feat. Dev) Jukebox
"Teach Me How To Dance"
Kat DeLuna "Muevete Muevete (Ola Ola)" Inside Out (East European Edition)
"Can You Love Me" Inside Out (Japanese Version)
Kelly Rowland "Down for Whatever" (Feat. The WAV.s) Here I Am
KMC "Everybody Jump" (Feat. Jamtech Foundation) TBD
Lady Gaga "Judas" Born This Way
"Highway Unicorn (Road To Love)"
Love Generation "Love Generation" TBD
"Dance Alone"
Midnight Red "One Club At A Time" TBD
Mohombi "Bumpy Ride" MoveMeant (EU Edition)
"Dirty Situation" (Feat. Akon)
"Coconut Tree" (Feat. Nicole Scherzinger)
"Love In America"
"Miss Me" (Feat. Nelly)
"Sex Your Body"
"Say Jambo"
"Do Me Right"
"Match Made In Heaven"
"Maraca" MoveMeant (US Edition)
"In Your Head"
Nayer "Suave (Kiss Me)" (Feat. Pitbull & Mohombi) TBD
Nicole Scherzinger "Poison" Killer Love
"Killer Love"
"Say Yes"
"Club Banger Nation"
One Direction "Save You Tonight" Up All Night
Paulina Rubio "Me Gustas Tanto" Brava!
"All Around the World"
"Heat of the Night"
Pitbull "Rain Over Me" (Feat. Marc Anthony) Planet Pit
Porcelain Black "This Is What Rock N’ Roll Looks Like" (Feat. Lil Wayne) bd.
"Naughty Naughty"
Taio Cruz "There She Goes" (Feat. Pitbull) TY.O
Various Artists "Tomorrow-Bokra" BOKRA
7Lions "Born 2 Run" TBD
2012 Cher "The Greatest Thing To Me" (Feat. Lady Gaga) TBD
Destinee & Paris "Go Your Own Way" Heart Of Mine
"Heart Of Mine"
"It's Over"
"Sweet Sarah"
Dive Bella Dive "Jack The Ripper" TBD
"Spend The Night Living (And I'll Ne'er Return)"
Dolly Rockers "Merry Go Round" TBD
"Spin The Bottle"
Jada "Model That Way" TBD
Jean-Roch "Name Of Love" (Feat. Pitbull & Nayer) TBD
Leighton Meester "What Is Love" Love Is a Drug
"One More Night"
Leona Lewis "Haunted" Glassheart
Lindsay Lohan "Paranoid" Spirit In The Dark
Livvi Franc "One Night Stand" Livvi Franc
"Under The Rug"
Porcelain Black "How Do You Love Someone?" (Feat. Eminem) bd.
"Living In Sin"
"Mannequin Factory"
"Pretty Little Psycho"
"Who's Next?"
Zander Bleck "Temptation" TBD


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