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Localized date formats need to be verified
(Otwarte dyskusje)
(Localized date formats need to be verified)
Pozdrawiam, [[Wikipedysta:TOR|TOR]] 14:57, 24 wrz 2005 (CEST)
== Localized date formats need to be verified ==
Dear Wikipedians,
I need your help to look at date formats for your language. I created a large '''list of formats [[:en:user:Yurik/Formats|here]]'''. Please take a look and fix any mistakes or add any new formats. This will help interwiki bot to match [[:en:April 1]], [[:fr:1 avril]], [[:ru:1 апреля]], [[:zh:4月1日]], and all other sites together.
''What's needed:'' '''Look [[:en:user:Yurik/Formats|here]]''' at every format for your language, fix any mistakes, note any exceptions (some languages have 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc naming schemas, or year 1 is written as '1 (year)' unlike all other years).
Also, I would like to receive a bot status on your site for my bot [[User:YurikBot]]. It will be mostly involved in interwikies.
Thank you!!!
You can contact me at [[:en:user talk:Yurik|en:Yurik]] (--[[Wikipedysta:Yurik|Yurik]] 00:17, 25 wrz 2005 (CEST))


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