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Text document with red question mark.svg In a nutshell: We aim to provide all necessary info about Polish Wikipedia and information on the project to all interested parties. We are happy to work with individuals who don't speak Polish and WMF staff/contractors.

We build, improve and maintain a useful Wikipedia project. There are several target groups with many varying needs. We have built a useful non-article (meta-sites') system to enable these needs to be met and to help to avoid information chaos. We provide information (when? how?) and tools (with what?) to users. Polska

WikiProject Research and Development of Wikipedia

In addition to the Polish Wikipedia community, we also collaborate with Polish Wikipedia readers and newbies, and last but not least, with WMF staff and contractors. Our goals and work are aligned with those of the WMF Engineering and Product Development department. We deal with the Polish Wikipedia user experience, design, information architecture, research, product development, editing, features, analytics, newbies' problems etc.

Tar Lócesilion
Head of R&D Group, IRC: TarLocesilion
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