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Launch event of the WikiMatejko edition at the National Museum in Krakow
Launch event of the WikiMatejko edition at the National Museum in Krakow

Purpose of the WikiMatejko action

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The editorial action WikiMatejko, or Matejko in Wikipedia is a project of the Wikimedia Poland and the National Museum in Krakow, which takes place within the framework of the Matejko Year and accompanies the Museum's ongoing exhibition Matejko. Painter and history.

The aim of the campaign is to enrich Wikipedia and other sister projects with high-quality content, illustrations and data related to the artist, his life and work.

As a result, we will increase the quantity and quality of Wikipedia articles on Jan Matejko's work, his life, the circle of people close to him and objects that were an important part of his creative activities. We will also enrich the illustration resources at Wikimedia Commons and add data on people, works of art and other objects to the largest open database, Wikidata.

The long-term aim of the campaign is to popularise knowledge of the artist and his work on Wikipedia and other sister projects.

The action will contribute to the development of editing skills for Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects among the newcomers involved, mainly students of history of art, who will be supported by experienced Wikipedians.

Everyone is welcome to participate and expand on this project! Anyone wishing to contribute in any way is welcome to sign up in the Participants section – this way we will be able to track new additions to the project, and get in touch with you!

Graphic promoting the WikiMatejko editing campaign with online subtitles

Participants and how to contribute

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Join WikiMatejko editing action and help us translate articles in English to other languages!

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Participants in the WikiMatejko action translate articles into English so that the international community can join the project and translate the articles created and developed through the action into other languages.

Translations will be created as part of the WikiMatejko action until mid-March, and the list of articles to be translated will grow during this time.

Join the international part of the Wikimatejko action and translate articles from English into other languages.

Be sure to add yourself to the list of participants so that we can stay in touch and inform the museum about the involvement of the international community

How to contribute

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  • Sign up for the list of participants,
  • Get into translating the articles,
  • Improve quality of the articles that already have a translation in your language.

List of participantsts

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Articles in English ready to be translated to other languages

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Main list

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Lp. English/Volunteer Language/Volunteer
1. Blind Veit Stoss with his granddaughter/Klorynda Ослепший Вит Ствош с внучкой/Klorynda
2. The Babin Republic (Jan Matejko)/Zumot
3. The Polyptych of Lusina Приём евреев/ Nikołaj Eichwald
4. Interior of the Tomb of King Casimir the Great/Zumot Бабинская республика (картина)/ Nikołaj Eichwald
5. Clothes in Poland/Lenaaa0 Доспехи Стефана Батория/Nikołaj Eichwald
6. Students Leaving Krakow in 1549/Lenaaa0 Твардовский вызывает дух Барбары для Сигизмунда Августа/Nikołaj Eichwald
7. Jan Matejko House/Zumot Алхимик Сендзивой/Nikołaj Eichwald
8. Kościuszko at Racławice//Lenaaa0 Епископ Иво Одровонж освящает строительство храма в Ивониче/Nikołaj Eichwald
9. Усадьба Яна Матейко/Nikołaj Eichwald
10. Иван Грозный (картина Матейко)/Nikołaj Eichwald
11. Костюшко под Рацлавицами (картина)/Nikołaj Eichwald
12. Костюшко в Рацлавицях/Dmitrij Borishpolets
13. Вернигора (картина)/Nikołaj Eichwald
14. Виїзд студентів з Кракова у 1549 році/Dmitry Boryshpolets na
15. ru:Портреты королей и князей Польши/Nikołaj Eichwald
16. uk:Прусський омаж (картина)/Dmitrij Borishpolets
17. be-tarask:Станьчык (карціна Яна Матэйкі)/Riwai
18. be-tarask:Рэйтан (карціна Яна Матэйкі)/Riwai