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Animal Crackers
Gatunek serial animowany
Kraj produkcji  Kanada
Liczba odcinków 39
Liczba serii 3
Czas trwania odcinka 30 minut
Pierwsza emisja
Stacja telewizyjna RTL 7
Lata emisji 1997-1999

Zwierzofraszki (ang. Animal Crackers, 1997-1999) – kanadyjski serial animowany dawniej emitowany w Polsce na kanale RTL 7.

Bohaterowie[edytuj | edytuj kod]

  • Lyle
  • Dodo
  • Eugene
  • Gnu
  • Lana

Spis odcinków[edytuj | edytuj kod]

N/o Polski tytuł Angielski tytuł
01 High Gnu'n
02 Dino-Sore-As-Heck
Wilderness Training 101
03 Treasure Of The Preserva Freeborna
Call Waiting
04 For Goodness Snakes
Meat The Folks
05 If You Can't Be'em, Join'em
Spring Fever
06 Pachyderm Epidemic
Herd Mentality
07 Going Quackers
08 Pachy My Bag
Mommy Dearest
09 Sherlock Dodo
10 Lyle's Psychic Alliance
Snowed Inn
11 Svelte Veldt
All The Preserve's A Stage
12 It's A Date
Woolly For Bully
13 Lights, Camera, Lyle!
Bud And Edna's Excellent Adventure!
14 Sleepover
Classified Casanova
15 Eight Hooves Out
My Brother's Keeper
16 Lyle's Ark
How To Be A Millionaire
17 Lyle Files
The Butler Did It
18 Lyle In The Fast Lane
A Wing and A Prayer
19 Schooldays
Call Of The Wild
20 The Cold Scholder
The Last Dodo Egg
21 Lana Tuner Overdrive
Trust Me
22 Rust In Peace
Trio In Love
23 Downsizing
Gnus In Canoes
24 Beauty and Eugene
Freeborn For Rent
25 Horrorscope
Prose and Cons
26 The Looney Bin
That's What Friends Are For
27 Look Who's Not Talking
Paris, Freeborn
28 Eugenius
Citizen Eugene
29 Dial-A-Phobia
Time Flies But Dodo Doesn't
30 Rumor Of Her Own
Prime Time Crime
31 Dustbusters
Freeborn Online
32 Stop In The Name Of Lana
33 Volcano Madness
Love Is Blind
34 Wishing Well
Eu've Got Mail
35 Message In A Bottle
Fame, Fortune, Madness
36 Storyteller
Animal Court
37 Boo
Fountain Of Youth
38 Brand New Gnu
Boyz Night Out
39 Fool's Gold
Near Myths

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