If It's Only for Tonight

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If It's Only for Tonight
Album studyjny O.V. Wrighta
Wydany 1965
Gatunek Soul
Wydawnictwo Back Beat Records
Album po albumie

If It's Only for Tonight – debiutancki album studyjny O.V. Wrighta, wydany w roku 1965 przez wytwórnię Back Beat Records.

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Nr Tytuł
1 "If It's Only for Tonight"
2 "Why Don't You Believe Me"
3 "Can't Find True Love"
4 "Motherless child"
5 "You've Been Crying"
6 "I Could Write a Book (About Heartaches)"
7 "You're Gonna Make Me Cry"
8 "Wish I Were That Boy"
9 "Monkey Dog"
10 "Don't Want to Sit Down"
11 "Everybody Knows (The River Song)"
12 "I Can't Believe (You've Got the Nerve to Cry)"