Spis formatów plików

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Spis formatów plików – spis rozszerzeń nazw plików komputerowych, używanych również w innych urządzeniach mikroprocesorowych.

Poniższy spis rozszerzeń nazw plików nie jest pełny[1][2]. Opisy pozostawiono w wersji oryginalnej.

### Temp file; QTIC #nn Part of file image; Long
#24 Printer data file for 24 pin matrix printer; LogoScript #IB Printer data file; LogoScript
#SC Printer data file; LogoScript #ST Standard mode printer definitions; LogoScript
$$$ OS/2 archive file (i.e archives.$$$, keys.$$$); OS/2 $$$ Temporary file;
$? ZX Spectrum file in HOBETA format; $00 Pipe file; DOS
$DB Temporary file; dBASE IV $ED Editor temporary file; MS C
$O1 Pipe file; DOS $VM Virtual manager temporary file; Windows 3.x
)2( LHA archiver temporary file; LHA ??$ Backup file; P-CAD
??_ Microsoft packed file; Expand ?DK Disk image; Loaddskf.exe
?UT Nonpacked FTN mail (? - flavor); FTN software ___ Adinf table; Adinf
_Q_ Archive; CP/M Squeeze ~$~ Temporary file; 1st Reader
~?? Old [BackUp] files (.MNU to .~MN); Resource Workshop - Borland Delphi 0 Compressed harddisk data; DoubleSpace
nnn Arj archive volumes up to 999; ARJ nnn Netware unicode rule table (e.g. 1250_Uni.036); Novell Netware
nnn News about smth with ext. of ver. number; nnn RAR archive volumes up to 999; RAR
000 Compressed harddisk data; DoubleSpace 001 Fax;
075 75x75 dpi display font; Ventura Publisher 085 85x85 dpi display font; Ventura Publisher
091 91x91 dpi display font; Ventura Publisher 096 96x96 dpi display font; Ventura Publisher
0B Printer font with lineDraw extended character set; PageMaker 1 Fax; many
1 Roff/nroff/troff/groff source for manual page; cawf2.zip 15U Printer font with PI font set; PageMaker
1ST Usually README.1ST text file; 2GR 286 Grabber File; Win
301 Fax; Super FAX 2000 - Fax-Mail 96 386 Intel 80386 processor driver; Windows 3.x
386 Windows virtual device driver; Win 3DMF QuickDraw 3D Metafile; QuickDraw
3DS 3D Studio Graphics format; 3D Studio 3FX Effect; CorelChart
3GR 386 Grabber File; Win 3T4 Binary file converter to ASCII; Util3
4C$ Datafile; 4Cast/2 4MD Musical file;
4SW 4DOS Swap File; 4DOS 4TH FORTH source code file; ForthCMP - LMI Forth
668 Music (the mixing is always at 12048Hz); 669 Music (8 channels); The 669 Composer
6CM Music (6 Channel Module); Triton FastTracker 75 75x75 dpi display font; Ventura Publisher
8 A86 assembler source code file; 85 85x85 dpi display font; Ventura Publisher
8CM Music (8 Channel Module); Triton FastTracker 8M Printer font with Math 8 extended character set; PageMaker
8U Printer font with Roman 8 extended character set; PageMaker 91 91x91 dpi display font; Ventura Publisher
96 96x96 dpi display font; Ventura Publisher
A ADA source code file; A Library; unix
Ann Multi volume ARJ archive; ARJ A11 Graphics AIIM image file;
AAS Animation Play Script; AAPlay AB6 Datafile; ABStat
AB8 Datafile; ABStat ABC Document; ABC FlowCharter 1.0
ABF Adobe Binary Screen Font; Adobe Software ABK Automatic backup file; CorelDRAW
ABM Image PALS album file; ABR Adobe Brush file for PhotoShop; PhotoShop
ABS Abstracts (info file); ABS Data file; Abscissa
ACA Project; Project Manager Workbench ACB Archive; ACB
ACB see ACMB; ACC Program (DR-DOS - ViewMax); GEM / resident
ACD Audio Track; ACD ACE Archive; ACE
ACF Adobe Custom Filter for PhotoShop; PhotoShop ACM Audio Compression Module add-on; Win
ACMB Graphics file; ACO Adobe Color Palette;
ACT ACTOR source code file; ACTOR ACT Animations Works Actor (Graphics cell); Animation Works
ACT FoxDoc Action Diagrams; FoxPro ACT Presentation; Action!
AD AfterDark screensaver module; AfterDark AD2 ADPCM 2-bit compressed voice file; ZFAX
AD3 ADPCM 3-bit compressed voice file; ZFAX ADA ADA source code file;
ADB Ada Package Body; ADC Bitmap graphics (16 colors); Scanstudio
ADC Dictionary; Lingvo ADD OS/2 adapter device driver;
ADI Graphics file; AutoCAD ADL MCA adapter description library; QEMM
ADM After Dark support file; AfterDark ADN Add-in; Lotus 1-2-3
ADR After Dark support file; AfterDark ADS Ada Package Specification;
ADT Datafile for cardfile application; HP NewWave ADT Dictionary; Lingvo
ADT Fax; AdTech ADV GUS device driver; Gf166.com
ADX Document; Archetype Designer AF2 Flowchart; ABC FlowCharter 2.0
AF3 Flowchart; ABC FlowCharter 3.0 AFI Truevision bitmap graphics;
AFL Font file (for Allways); Lotus 1-2-3 AFM Datafile for cardfile application; HP NewWave
AFM Type 1 font metric ASCII data for font installer; ATM - many AFP Shape palette; ABC FlowCharter
AFT Template; ABC FlowCharter 3.0 AFW Workplace; ABC FlowCharter 3.0
AI Vector graphics file; Adobe Ilustrator AIF see AIFF;
AIFC Sound; AIFF Audio Interchange Format File (AIFF); Convert (c) Villena
AiM Asm Text Mode Image File; The Ultimate Draw AIN Archive; AIN
AIO APL file transfer format file; AIS Array of Intensity Samples graphics file; Xerox
AIX Datafile for cardfile application; HP NewWave ALG Activity Log; ARCSOLO
ALL ----- (Arts & Letters) symbol and font files; Arts & Letters ALL Filelist w/ all files; FRQView
ALL Format file for working pages; Always ALL General printer information; WordPerfect for Win
ALO Almanac support file; ALT Menu file; WordPerfect Library
AMF Music (Advanced Module Format); DMP AMG Archive; AMGC
AMG System image file; ACTOR AMS Adobe Monitor Setup calibration file; PhotoShop
AMS Music format; ANI Animation; IconAuthor
ANI Animation cursors for Win; Win95 - WinNT ANM Animation; Deluxe Paint Animator
ANN Help Annotations; Windows 3.x ANS ANSI character graphics (animation) file; ANSView
ANS ASCII text ANSI character set; NewWave Write AOL America On-line for Windows DLL; Win
AOS Add-On Software; Nokia 9000 AP Archive; WHAP
AP Datafile; Datalex EntryPoint 90 APC Printer driver; Lotus 1-2-3
APD Printer driver; Lotus 1-2-3 APF Printer driver; Lotus 1-2-3
API Adobe Printer Ink file for PhotoShop; PhotoShop API Passed parameter file; 1st Reader
API Printer driver; Lotus 1-2-3 APL APL work space format file;
APL Support module used by Manugraphics APL products; APM Authorware Macintosh; Authorware
APP Add-in application file; Symphony APP Application; FoxPro
APP Application object file; dBASE Application Generator APP Executable application file; DR-DOS - NeXTstep - Atari
APP Generated application; FoxPro APR Employee performance review; Employee Appraiser
APW Authorware Windows; Authorware APX Appexpert database file; Borland C++ 4.5
ARF Automatic Response File; ARH Archivers definitions file; DN
ARI Archive; ARI ARJ Archive; ARJ - ARJZ
ARK ARC archive; CP/M port of ARC file archiver ARK Archive; QUARK
ARK Managing your Money Archive File; ARR Arrangement; Atari Cubase
ART First Publisher graphic file; First Publisher ART Graphics (scrapbook); Art Import
ART Graphics format (Another Ray Tracer); PFS:1st publisher - Art Import ARX Archive; ARX
ASC ASCII text file; ASC Transport armor file; PGP
ASD Autosave file; MS Word ASD Presentation; Astound
ASD Screen driver; Lotus 1-2-3 ASE Velvet Studio Sample; AWAVE
ASF Datafile; STATGRAPHICS ASF Screen font; Lotus 1-2-3
ASH Assembly language header file; TASM 3.0 ASI ASIC language source; ASIC
ASI Assembler include file; Turbo C - Borland C++ ASM Assembler language source; TASM - MASM
ASO Assembler object (object orientated) file; Turbo Assembler ASP ASPECT source code file; Procomm Plus
ASP Association of Shareware Professionals OMBUDSMN.ASP notice; AST Adobe Color Separtion table for PhotoShop; PhotoShop
ASW Authorware Star; Authorware AT2 Auto template; Aldus Persuasion 2.0
ATM Adobe Type Manager data/info; ATT AT& T Group; GCGW
AU Sound (audio) file; SUN Microsystems - Convert (c) Villena AU Sun/NeXT/DEC Audio file; AWAVE, GoldWave
AUD Audio file; AudioRack AUX Auxiliary dictionary; ChiWriter
AUX Auxillary references; TeX/LaTeX AVA Publication; Avagio
AVB AntiViral Toolkit Pro Bases; AVI Audio Video Interleaved animation file; Video for Windows
AVR Audio Visual Research; AWAVE AVS Application Visualization System;
AVT AVATAR-coding files; A3E AW Text file; HP AdvanceWrite
AWA Animations Works Accelerated Movie; Animation Works AWD Microsoft Fax At Work Document; MS Fax At Work
AWK AWK script/program; AWM Animations Works Movie (as .AVI); Animation Works
B Batch list; APPLAUSE B& W Black and white graphics file; atari - mac
B& W Mono binary screen image; 1st Reader B_W Black and white graphics file; atari - mac
B1N Both mono and color binary screen image; 1st Reader B30 Printer font (JLaser - Cordata); Ventura Publisher
B8 Raw graphics file (one byte per pixel) plane two; PicLab BAD Bad file; Oracle - many
BAK Backup file; BAL Music score; Ballade
BAR Horizontal bar menu object file; dBASE Application Generator BAR Info Bar for GFX2EXE; GFX2EXE
BAS BASIC language source; QuickBASIC - GW-BASIC BAT Batch file; DOS
BB Database backup; Papyrus BBL Bibliographic reference file; TeX/BibTeX
BBM Brush; Deluxe Paint BBS Bulletin Board System announce or text info file;
BBS Hudson-style messagebase; FTN software BCH Batch process object file; dBASE Application Generator
BCH Datafile; Datalex EntryPoint 90 BCO Outline font description; Bitstream
BCP Borland C++ makefile; BCT Backup dictionary; Clarion
BCW Environment settings; Borland C++ 4.5 BDC Dictionary; Lingvo
BDF Adobe Glyph Bitmap Distribution Format; Adobe Software BDF Binary update file; BUPDATE.EXE (c) TNT Techn.
BDF Bitmap Distribution Format font file; X11 BDF Datafile; Egret
BDR Border; MS Publisher BDT Dictionary; Lingvo
BEZ Outline font description; Bitstream BF2 Bradford 2 font;
BFC Briefcase Win95; Win95 BFM Font metrics; unix/Frame
BFX Fax; BitFax BGA Bitmap graphics;
BGI Borland Graphics Interface device driver; Turbo C - Turbo Pascal BI BASIC include file; Visual Basic
BIB Bibliography (ASCII); BIB Database - not compatible with TeX format; Papyrus
BIB Literature database; TeX/BibTeX BIF Binary Image Format b& w graphics file; Image Capture board
BIN Binary file, usually zero-start (.com analog); BIN SGI Powerflip;
BIN Text mode memory dump; The Draw - TUD - ACiDDraw - etc BIO OS2 BIOS;
BIT Bitmap X11; BK Faxbook; JetFax
BK! Document backup; WordPerfect for Win BKn Timed backup file for document window n; WordPerfect for Win
BK? Backup file; BKP Backup file; Write - TurboVidion DialogDesigner
BKW Mirror image of font set; FontEdit BLD BLoaDable picture; BASIC
BLG Backup Log; ARCSOLO BLK Temporary file; WordPerfect for Win
BM BitMap graphics file; BMK Help Bookmarks; Windows 3.x
BMP OS/2 or Win graphics format (BitMap Picture); QPeg - CorelDraw - PC Paintbrush - many BMT Ami Pro Button; Ami Pro
BNK Adlib instrument bank file; BNR Graphics Banner; Banner - Poster
BOO Book-format; READIBM BOO Compressed file ASCII archive created by BOO (msbooasm.arc); msbooasm.arc
BPC Chart; Business Plan Toolkit BPP Backup application; Clarion
BPT Bitmap fills file; CorelDRAW BR Script; Bridge
BRD Eagle Layout File; BRK Fax; Brooktrout Fax-Mail
BRK The Brake! Mailer REXX script; The Brake! BRL CAD; Ballistic Research Laboratory CAD; BRL
BS2 Archive; BS2.EXE BSA Archive; BSArc
BSC Compressed Apple II file archive created by BINSCII; BINSCII BSC Database; Source Browser
BSC Pwbrmake object file; MS Fortran BSS Casio Phone base; PC-LINK
BST BiblioTex file (BiblioTex=bibliography file); TeX BSY Busy flag; FTN soft
BTM Batch-to-memory (quick batch); 4dos -ndos BTN Makeover Button file;
BUFR Binary Universal Form for the Representation; BUFR Meteorological Data;
BUG Bugs and Problems; BUP Backup file;
BUT Button definitions; Buttons! BUY Datafile format; movie
BVn Overflow file below insert point in Doc n; WordPerfect for Win BWB Spreadsheet application; Visual Baler
BWR Beware (buglist); Kermit BYU BYU Movie; BYU
C C language source; Watcom C/C++ C Unix file archive; COMPACT
C-- C-- language source; Sphinx C-- C++ C++ language source;
C00 Print file; Ventura Publisher C01 Typhoon wave files; AWAVE
C86 C source code file; Computer Innovation C86 CA Initial cache data for root domain servers; Telnet
CA? Borland packed and splitted file; Borland Installer CAB Win 95 packed file; Win 95
CAC dBASE IV executable when caching on/off (see cachedb.bat); CAD Document; Drafix Windows CAD
CAL Calendar file; Windows 3.x CAL Spreadsheet format; SuperCalc
CALS Computer Aided Acquisition and Logistics; CALS Support Raster Format;
CAM Casio Camera; CAN Fax; Navigator Fax
CAP Caption; Ventura Publisher CAP Capture file; ProComm - Telix
CAS C + ASM language source; Turbo C CAT Catalog; CP Backup - dBASE IV
CBC Fuzzy logic system; CubiCalc CBL COBOL source code file;
CBM Compiled bitmap graphics; XLib CBS MasterWord button bar configuration file;
CBT Computer Based Training; many CC C++ source code file;
CC CC language source; CC CCC Bitmap graphics (native format); Curtain Call
CCF Communications configuration file; Symphony CCH Chart; CorelChart
CCITT CCITT Group 3 and Group 4 Encoding; CCL Communication Command Language file; Intalk
CCO BTX Graphics file; XBTX CD CD description; DN
CDA CD-Audio; Win95 CDB Card database; CardScan
CDB Main database; TCU Turbo C Utilities CDF Common Data Format;
CDF Cyberspace Description Format; CDF Graphics; netcdf
CDK Document; Atari Calamus CDL CADKey CADL Language; CADKey
CDM Disk Drivers NPA; Novell NetWare CDM Music format (compressed);
CDR Vector graphics format (drawing); CorelDraw! CDT Corel Draw Template File; CorelDraw!
CDX Compaund index file; FoxPro CE Computer Eyes; Conversion Artist
CE Main.ce; The FarSide Computer Calendar CEB Cont. Edge Bitmap; Conversion Artist
CEF CA-Clipper Workbench Application; CA Clipper CEF Export File;
CEG Bitmap graphics; Tempra Show - Edsun Continuous Edge Graphics CEL Animation CEL; 3D Studio
CEL Graphics; Autodesk Animator - Lumena CF Configuration file; imake
CFG Configuration file; CFL Chart; CorelFLOW
CFN Font data; Atari Calamus CFO C Form Object internal format object file; TCU Turbo C Utilities
CFP Fax; The Complete Fax Portable CFT CFast graphics file; Disney Animation Studio
CGA CGA display font; Ventura Publisher CGI Common Gateway Interface script;
CGM Computer Graphics Metafile vector graphics; A& L - HG - many CH Clipper language header; CA Clipper
CH3 Chart; Harvard Graphics 3.0 CH4 Presentation; Charisma 4.0
CHD Font descriptor; FontChameleon CHI ChiWriter Document; ChiWriter - Chiview
CHK Recovered data; DOS CHKDSK CHK Temporary file; WordPerfect for Win
CHL Configuration History Log; CHN Data; Ethnograph 3
CHP Chapter file; Ventura Publisher CHR Character set; Turbo C - Turbo Pascal
CHT Chart; Harvard Graphics 2.0 - SoftCraft Presenter CHT CHeaT in any program/game; many
CHT Interface file for ChartMaster; dBASE CHZ Archive; CHARC
CIF Caltech Intermediate Format graphics file; CIF Chapter information; Ventura Publisher
CiM C Text Mode Image File; The Ultimate Draw CIX Database index; TCU Turbo C Utilities
CKB Borland C++ 4.x editor keystroke mapping; BCW.EXE CL COMMON LISP source code file;
CLA Source; Clarion CLD Clipper debugger configuration file; CA Clipper
CLP Clip art graphics file; Quattro Pro CLP Clipboard file; Windows 3.x
CLP Compiler responce file; CA Clipper CLP Graphics format; PCPAINT/Pictor
CLR Color binary screen image; 1st Reader CLR Color definitions; Photostyler
CLR Color scheme; Boxer/2 CLR Palette file for GIS format;
CLS C++ class definition file; CLW MFC Class Wizard information; MS VC++
CM Data file; CraftMan CMB Xtree for Windows Button Bar file;
CMD Command; dBASE - Waffle CMD External command menu; 1st Reader
CMD OS/2 batch/REXX file; OS/2 CMF FM-music file (Creative Music File);
CMK Card; Card Shop Plus CMM CMM script (batch) file; CEnvi
CMP Bitmap graphics (Lead CMP compression); CMP Compressed data; PKWare Inc. data compression library
CMP Header file for PostScript printer files; CorelDRAW CMP Photofinish Calibration Map; Photofinish
CMP User dictionary; MS Word for DOS CMU Carnegie Mellon University Formats;
CMV Animation (CorelMove CorelDraw 4.0); CorelMove CorelDraw 4.0 CNC CNC general program data;
CNF Configuration (program - printer setup); program - printer setup CNF Configuration file;
CNV Temporary file; WordPerfect for Win CNV Winword DLL used as part of an import operation (CNV=convertor); MS Word
COB Calgari trueSpace2 File Format; COB COBOL source code file;
COD Code definition table; UUPC COD Datafile; Forecast Plus - MS Multiplan - StatPac Gold
COD file uncluding CODES for any program/game; many COD Printer code definition file; Boxer/2
COD Program compiled code; FORTRAN COD Template source file; dBASE Application Generator
COD Videotext file; COL Color palette; Autodesk Animator - many
COL Spreadsheet; MS Multiplan COM Command (memory image of executable program); DOS
CON Configuration file; Simdir CPC Compressed image; Cartesian Perceptual Compression
CPD Script; Complaints Desk CPF Fax; The Complete Fax
CPI ColorLab Processed Image bitmapped graphics file; CPI MS-DOS codepage file; MODE.EXE
CPL Control panel file; Windows 3.x CPL Presentation; Compel
CPP C++ language source; Watcom C/C++ CPP Presentation; CA-Cricket Presents
CPR Knowledge Access; GCGW CPS ----- backup of startup files by QEMM (?) autoexec.cps;
CPT Encrypted memo file; dBASE CPT Mac file archive; COMPACT PRO
CPT Template; CA-Cricket Presents CPZ Music text file; COMPOZ
CRA Advanced crack file (usually text); CRD Cardfile; Windows 3.x - YourWay
CRF Cross-reference; MS MASM - Zortech C++ CRK Crack file (usually text);
CRP Encrypted database; dBASE IV CRS File Conversion Resource; WordPerfect 5.1
CRT Terminal settings information; Oracle CRU Compressed file archive created by CRUSH;
CSG Graph; Statistica/w CSM Borland C++ 4.x precompiled header file; BCW.EXE
CSP PC Emcee Screen Image file; Computer Support Corporation CSS Datafile; CSS - Stats+
CSS Datasheet; Statistica/w CSV Adjusted EGA/VGA palette; CompuShow
CSV Comma Separated Values text file format (ASCII); CTC Control file; PC Installer
CTF Character code translation file; Symphony CTL Control file; dBASE IV - Aldus Setup
CTX Ciphertext file; Pretty Good Privacy RSA System CTX Course TeXt file; some Microsoft online guides
CUF C Utilities Form definition; TCU Turbo C Utilities CUR Windows resource (cursor image file); Resource Workshop - WRT - Watcom Resource Editor
CUT Graphics format (bitmapped graphics); dr.Halo CV4 Color file; CodeView
CVP Cover page; WinFax CVS Graphics; Canvas
CVT Backup file for CONVERTed database file; dBASE IV CVW Color file; CodeView
CWEB C Web; CXX C++ source code file; Zortech C++
DAT Data file in special format or ASCII; DAT Database file; Clarion
DB Сonfiguration; dBASE IV - dBFast DB Вatabase file; Paradox - XTreeGold - dbvista
DB Multi Edit config; ME DB$ Temperature debug info; Clarion Modula-2
DB$ Temporary file; dBASE DB2 Database; dBASE II
DB3 Database; dBASE III DBA Database file; Turbo Prolog - DataEase
DBD Business data; Business Insight DBD Debug info; Clarion Modula-2
DBF Database file; dBASE III/IV - FoxPro - dBFast - DataBoss DBG Debugger script; DOS debug - Watcom debuger
DBG Symbolic debugging information; MS C/C++ DBK Database backup; dBASE IV
DBM Datafile; DataEase DBM Menu template; DataBoss
DBO Compiled program; dBASE IV DBS Data file used by Managing Your Money;
DBS Database in SQL Windows format; DBS Datafile; PRODAS
DBS Printer description file; MS Word - Works DBT FoxBASE+ style memo; FoxPro
DBT Memo file for database w/same name; dBASE IV - dBFast DBW Windows file; DataBoss
DBX DataBeam; GCGW DCA Document Content Architecture text file; IBM DisplayWrite
DCF Disk image file; DCL Delphi Control Library; Borland Delphi
DCM DCM music module; AWAVE DCP OS/2 device code page; OS/2
DCS Bitmap graphics (CYMK format); QuarkXPress DCS Datafile; ACT! Activity Files
DCT Dictionary: used by many programs with program dependent format; Clarion DCT Spell checking dictionary; Harvard Graphics 3.0 - Symphony
DCU Delphi unit (compiled); Borland Delphi DCX Multi-page PCX graphics (common fax format); Intel - SpectraFAX
DD Macintosh file archive; DISKDOUBLER DDB Bitmap graphics;
DDI Disk image; DiskDupe DDP Device Driver Profile file; OS/2
DEB DEBUG script; DOS Debug DEF Assembly header file; Geoworks
DEF Defaults - definitions; DEF Linker definition file; TLink - WLink...
DEM Demonstration; DEM Digital Elevation Model;
DEM Graphics file; VistaPro DEM Vista DEM file; Meta.exe VP3
DES Ascii text parameter description; AWAVE DEV Device driver;
DFD Data Flow Diagram graphic file; Prosa DFI Outline font description; Digifont
DFL Default program settings; Signature DFM Data Flow Diagram model file; Prosa
DFM Delphi form module; Borland Delphi DFS Delight Sound File;
DFV Printing form (Word); MS Word DFX Micrografx Effects DLL;
DGN Graphics file; MicroStation DGS Diagnostics;
DH Dependency information for .ph; Geoworks DHP Dr. Halo PIC Format graphics file; Dr. Halo II - III
DHT Datafile; Gauss DIA Diagraph graphics file; Computer Support Corporation
DIB "Device Independent Bitmap; rarely used Windows 3.0 bitmap"; Win - OS/2 DIC Dictionary (e.g. from WinWord);
DIF Borland patch data file; Borland patch DIF Data Interchange Format; Visicalc
DIF OS/2 V2.2 Display Information File; OS/2 DIF Output from Diff command - script for Patch command;
DIG Digilink; AWAVE DIG Sound Designer 1 audio file; AWAVE
DIP Graphics; DIP Watcom debug info processor; WatcomDebugger
DIR Dialing directory file; Procomm Plus DIR Directory file; VAX - CPS Backup
DIR Movie; MacroMind Director 4.x DIS Distribution file; VAX Mail
DIS Thesaurus; CorelDraw DIZ Description file (Description In Zip);
DKB Raytraced graphics; DKBTrace DL Animation format (Italian origin); Display - DL Viewer
DLD -----; Lotus 1-2-3 DLG Dialog resource script file; MS Windows SDK
DLG Dialog resources; DN DLG Digital Line Graph;
DLG Windows SDK dialog editor data file; DLL Dynamic Link Library; Windows 3.x - OS/2
DLL Export/import filter; CorelDRAW DLS Setup; Norton Disklock
DMF Music format (Delusion Digital Music File); Delusion DMO Demo; Derive
DMP Dump file (eg. screen or memory); DMS Amiga file archive; DISKMASHER
DOC ASCII doc file; DOC WinWord native file; MS Word
DOG Screen file; Laughing Dog Screen Maker DOH Dependency information for .poh; Geoworks
DOS External command file; 1st Reader DOS Network driver (eg. pkt_dis.dos);
DOS OS/2 V3 SVGA PMI-File; Svga.exe DOS Something for MS-DOS (e.g. msdos.dos); Win95
DOS Text file containing DOS specific info; DOT Line-type definition file; CorelDRAW
DOT MS Word document template; MS Word DOX Text file; MultiMate 4.0
DOZ Description Out of Zip; VENDINFO DP Calendar file; Daily Planner
DP Data file; DataPhile DPR Default project- and state-related information; Borland C++ - Delphi - C
DPX Digital Moving Picture Exchange; DRP Web3D File; Web3D
DRS Display Resource; WordPerfect for Win DRV Driver;
DRW DRaW file; Windows Draw, Designer - Micrografx (now Corel) DRW DRaW file; iGrafx Business, iGrafx Designer and other iGrafx - iGrafx
DS4 Vector graphics; Micrografx (now Corel) Designer 4.x DSC Discard file; Oracle
DSC Description file; DSF Database; DataShaper
DSF DeSigner File; Micrografx, iGrafx, Corel DSF Delusion Digital Sound File; Delusion
DSK Desktop configuration; BP - DN - BC++ - TP DSK Disk Drivers; Novell NetWare
DSM Digital Sound Module; DSI DSN Design; Object System Designer
DSP Display parameters; Signature DSP Dynamic Studio Professional Module; Dynamic Studio
DSP Graphics display driver; Dr.Halo DSP Norton viewer DLL; Win
DSR Driver Resource; WordPerfect for Win DSS Screensaver file; DCC
DSS Sound; Digital Soup DST WAIN (Scanner spec) data source DLL; Win
DSW Borland C++ 4.x desktop layout file; BCW.EXE DT_ Data fork of a Macintosh file; Mac-ette
DTA Data file; Turbo Pascal - PC-File - Stata DTF Database file; PFS - Q& A
DTM DigiTrekker music module; AWAVE DTP Document; Timeworks Publisher3
DTP Page Magic 2.0 publication; Page Magic 2.0 DTP Publication; Publish-It!
DVC Data; Lotus 1-2-3 DVI DeVice Independent document; TeX
DVP DESQView run-file; DESQView DVP Device parameter file; AutoCAD
DW2 Drawing; DesignCAD for windows DWB Coryphaeus Software Designers Workbench; CSD
DWC Archive; DWC DWD DiamondWare Digitized file; AWAVE
DWG Drawing; AutoCAD - Drafix DX Text file; DEC WPS/DX format - DEC WPS Plus
DXF Drawing Interchange File Format vector graphics (AutoCAD); AutoCAD DXN Fax; Fujitsu dexNET
DYN Data; Lotus 1-2-3
EAS Extended file attributes; OS/2 EBJ Error-checking object file; Geoworks
EC Error checking preprosessed Goc source code; Geoworks ED5 EDMICS; GCGW
EDA Ensoniq ASR disk image; AWAVE EDE Ensoniq EPS disk image; AWAVE
EDK Ensoniq KT disk image; AWAVE EDL EDL; Premiere
EDQ Ensoniq sq1,2/ks32 disk image; AWAVE EDS Ensoniq SQ80 disk image; AWAVE
EDT Default settings; VAX Edt editor EDT Ensoniq TS disk image; AWAVE
EDT External editors definitions; DN EDV Ensoniq VFX-SD disk image; AWAVE
EEB Button bar for Equation Editor; WordPerfect for Win EFA Ensoniq ASR file; AWAVE
EFE Ensoniq EPS file; AWAVE EFE Ensoniq EPS instrument file; AWAVE
EFK Ensoniq KT file; AWAVE EFQ Ensoniq SQ1/SQ2/KS32 file; AWAVE
EFS Ensoniq SQ80 file; AWAVE EFT Ensoniq TS file; AWAVE
EFT High resolution screen font; ChiWriter EFV Ensoniq VFX-SD file; AWAVE
EFX Fax; Everex EFax EGA EGA display font; Ventura Publisher
EKA Internal data files; Borland's Eureka EL ELISP source code file; Emacs lisp
ELC Compiled ELISP code; Emacs lisp ELI Archive; ELI
ELT Event list text file; Prosa EMD ABT Extended MoDule; AWAVE
EMD ABT Extended MoDule; AWAVE EMF Microsoft Enhanced Metafile;
EMU Terminal emulation data; BITCOM ENC Encoded file - UUENCODEd file; Lotus 1-2-3 - uuexe515.exe
ENC Music; Encore END Arrow-head definition file; CorelDRAW
ENFF Extended Neutral File Format; ENG Dictionary engine; Sprint
ENG English documentation; ENG Graphics file (charting); EnerGraphics
ENV Envelope or Environments; ENV Enveloper macro; WOPR
ENV Environment file; WordPerfect for Win EPD Publication; Express Publisher
EPI Document; Express Publisher EPI Encapsulated PostScript graphic file;
EPS Encapsulated PostScript (Graphics format); CorelDraw - PhotoStyler - PMView - Adobe Illustrator - Ventua Publisher EQN Equation filE; WordPerfect for Win
ERD Entity Relationship Diagram graphic file; Prosa ERM Entity Relationship Diagram model file; Prosa
ERR Compiler/linker error report; ESH Extended Shell batch file;
ETH Document; Ethnograph 3 ETX Structure-enhanced text for some ascii text browsers;
EUI Ensoniq EPS family CD image; AWAVE EVT Events descriptions;
EVY Document; WordPerfect Envoy EWD Document; Express Publisher for Windows
EX3 Device driveR; Harvard Graphics 3.0 EXC Exclude file for Optimize (do not process) (QEMM); QEMM
EXC REXX source code file; VM/CMS EXE Directly executable program; DOS
EXM MSDOS executable, system-manager compliant (HP calculator); HP calculator EXP Protected mode EXE by PharLap Software; PharLap
EXT Extensions descriptions file; EXX Intermediate file by MsgPut; IBM LinkWay
EZF Fax; Calculus EZ-Fax
F Archive; FREEZE F Fortran language source file; NDP Fortran
Fnn DOS screen text font - height nn pixels; fntcol13.zip F01 Fax; perfectfax
F2R Farandole Linear Module; Farandole F3R Farandole Blocked Linear Module; Farandole
F77 FORTRAN 77 source code file; F96 Fax; Frecom FAX96
FAC see FACE; FACE Usenix FACE graphics file;
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions text file; FAR Music format (Farandole Composer Module); Farandole
FAS Macsyma compiled program; FAX Fax (raster graphics in CCITT format); most Fax programs
FBM Fuzzy Bitmap; FC Spell checking dictionary; Harvard Graphics 2.0
FCM Binary file patch file (forward compression); jlpak10.zip FD Declaration file; MS Fortran
FD Field offsets for compiler; DataFlex FD Front Door' resource files; FD
FDW Form; F3 Design and Mapping FEB Button bar for Figure Editor; WordPerfect for Win
FEI Fatal Error Infotable; Geoworks FF Intelligont FIAS format;
FF Outline font description; Agfa Compugraphics FFF Fax; defFax
FFI Atech FastFont (AllType); FFIVW File Format for the Interchange of Virtual Worlds;
FFT DCA/FFT Final Form Text text file; DisplayWrite FFT Dca/FFT Final Form Text text file (DisplayWrite);
FH3 Vector graphics; Aldus FreeHand 3.x FH4 Vector graphics; Aldus FreeHand 3.x
FI Interface file; MS Fortran FIF Fractal Image Format file;
FIL File template; Application Generator FIL Filelist;
FIL Files list object file; dBASE Application Generator FIL Mirror.FIL is the name given to the saved FAT by the mirror program included in some versions of DOS and in PCTools; MS-DOS -
FIL Overlay; WordPerfect FIN Print-formatted text file; Perfect Writer - Scribble - MINCE
FIO Aldus PhotoStyler graphics filter; FIO Image PALS viewer DLL;
FIT File Index Table; WindowsNT FIT see FITS;
FITS Flexable Image Transport System; FIX Patch file;
FKY Macro file; FoxPro FLB Format library; Papyrus
FLC Animation format FLIC > 320x200; AAPlay - Autodesk AniPro FLD Folder; Charisma
FLI Animation format FLIC 320x200; Autodesk Animator FLI TeX font library; EmTeX
FLM Film Roll; AutoCAD/AutoShade FLT Data/file conversion filter (or overlay); Alsud - MS Word
FLT Filter file; Micrografx Picture Publisher FLT MultiGen Flight;
FLT Support file - graphics filter; Asymetrix ToolBook FLX Animation format;
FLX Compiled binary; DataFlex FM Spreadsheet; FileMaker Pro
FM1 Spreadsheet; Lotus 1-2-3 release 2.x FM3 Device driver; Harvard Graphics 3.0
FM3 Spreadsheet; Lotus 1-2-3 release 3.x FMB File Manager Button bar; WordPerfect for Win
FMF Font or icon file; IBM LinkWay FMK Makefile; Fortran PowerStation
FMO Compiled format file (dBASE IV); dBASE IV FMT Format file; dBASE IV - FoxPro - Clipper 5 - dBFast
FMT Gate3 format file; FMT Style sheet; Sprint
FMV Full Motion Video file; FN3 Font file; Harvard Graphics 3.0
FND Files searching properties; Win95 FNK FunkTracker music module; AWAVE, FunkTracker
FNT Font file; many FNX Inactive font; Exact
FO1 Font file; Borland Turbo C FO2 Font file; Borland Turbo C
FOG Fontographer Database File; Fontographer3.5 FOL Folder of saved messages; 1st Reader
FON Log of all calls; Procomm Plus FON Terminate phonebook; Terminate - Terminator - Telix
FON Windows bitmapped font file; Win FONT Font data; unix
FOP Freedom of the Press graphic file; FOR Form; WindowBase
FOR Fortran language source file; MS Fortran - Watcom Fortran FOT Installed Truetype font; Windows Font Installer
FOX Foxbase executable (precompiled .prg); FoxBase FP Configuration file; FoxPro
FPC Catalog; FoxPro FPD TMT Pascal compiled unit; TMT Pascal
FPT Foxpro memo field tables; FoxPro FPW Floorplan drawing; FloorPLAN plus for Windows
FR? Packed mail; FTN software FR3 Renamed dBASE III+ form file; dBASE IV
FRF FontMonger Database file; FontMonger FRG Uncompiled report file; dBASE IV;
FRL GP-Forth library; GP-Forth; FRM Registration or other form; ;
FRM Report file; dBASE IV - Clipper 5 - dBFast; FRM Visual Basic Form; Visual Basic;
FRO Compiled report file; dBASE IV; FRP Form; PerForm PRO Plus - FormFlow;
FRS Screen Font Resource; WordPerfect for Win; FRT Additional (FPT) report description file; FoxPro;
FRT GP-Forth source file; GP-Forth; FRX Main (DBF) report description file; FoxPro;
FRX Visual Basic binary program file; Visual Basic; FSL Form; Paradox for Windows;
FSM Farandole Composer WaveSample; Farandole; FST Linkable program; dBFast;
FSX Data; Lotus 1-2-3; FTM Font file; Micrografx
FTP Configuration; FTP Software PC/TCP FW Database; FrameWork
FW2 Database; Framework II FW3 Database; Framework III
FWEB Fortran WEB; FX On-line guide; FastLynx
FXD Phonebook; FAXit FXP Foxpro executable (precompiled .prg); FoxPro
FXS FAX Transmit Format graphics file; WinFax
G Data chart; APPLAUSE G16 GoldED for DOS compiled config; GOLDED.EXE
G8 Raw graphics file (one byte per pixel) plane three; PicLab - Cubicomb Picturemaker GAM Fax; GammaFax
GBL Global definitions; VAXTPU editor GBL Global module in Basic programs;
GC1 Lisp source code; Golden Common Lisp 1.1 GC3 Lisp source code; Golden Common Lisp 1.3
GDF Dictionary file; GEOS GDS McDonnell-Douglas Things;
GE GEcho config file; GEcho GED EDITOR's native file format; Arts & Letters
GED GoldED for DOS compiled config file; GOLDED.EXE GED Graphics editor file; EnerGraphics
GEM Vector graphics file; GEM - Ventura Publisher GEN Compiled template; dBASE Application Generator
GEN Generated text; Ventura Publisher GEO Geode; Geoworks
GEO GEOS specific file (application); GEOS GEO GoldED for OS/2 compiled config file; GED2.EXE
GEX GEcho config file; GEcho GFB Compressed GIF image created by GIFBLAST; gifblast.exe
GFO SGI Radiosity; GFT Font; NeoPaint
GFT GEM-translator font file; GFX Instant Artist graphics Files; Instant Artist
GFX PCBoard @X-coded colorful text; GFX2COM - GFX2EXE GIB Chart; Graph-in-the-Box
GID Help index; windows 95 help GIF Compuserves' Graphics Interchange Format (bitmapped graphics); QPeg - Display - CompuShow
GIW Presentation; Graph-in-the-Box for Windows GKH Ensoniq Disk Image (VFX, SD, EPS, ASR, TS); Ensoniq
GKS Graphics Kernel System; GL Animation; GRASP GRAphical System for Presentation
GL Animation format; grasprt.exe, PV GLB Global module in Basic programs;
GLM Datafile; Glim GLO Global module in Basic programs;
GLS Datafile; Across GLY Winword Glossary; MS Word
GMF CGM graphics file; APPLAUSE GMP Geomorph tile map; SPX
GOC Goc source code file; Geoworks GOE GOES graphic file;
GOH Goc header file; Geoworks GP Geode parameter file; Geoworks Glue
GPH Graph; Lotus 1-2-3/G GPK Omnigo program package;
GR2 Screen driver; Windows 3.x GRA Datafile; SigmaPlot
GrADS Metafile; GRASP Graphical System for Presentation;
GRB MS-DOS Shell Monitor file; MS-DOS 5 GRD Drivers for GRX (graphics library); GRX (c) Free Soft. Found.
GRF Graph file; Graph Plus - Charisma GRIB Gridded Binary;
GRN Drivers for GRX (graphics library); GRX (c) Free Soft. Found. GRP Group file; Windows 3.x - Papyrus
GRP Pictures group; PixBase GRY Graphics format (RAW GREYz);
GS1 Presentation; GraphShow GSD Vector graphics; Professional Draw
GSM Raw GSM 6.10 audio stream; AWAVE GSW Worksheet; GraphShow
GUP -----; PopMail GV GrandView outline file;
GXL Graphics library; Genus GZ Archive; GNU zip - WinZipNT
H Header file (usually C language); Watcom C/C++ H-- C-- language header; Sphinx C--
H! On-line help file; Flambeaux Help! Display Engine H! Pertext database; HELP.EXE
H++ Header file; C++ HA Archive; HA
HAL Data file; Hyper Access Lite OS/2 HAM Disk Drivers NPA; Novell NetWare
HAP Archive; HAP3 HBK MathCAD handbook; MathCAD
HC Header file; HDF Help file; Help Development Kit
HDF Hierarchical Data File graphics file; SDSC Image Tools HDL Alternate download file listing; Procomm Plus
HDR Datafile; Egret HDR Message header text; Procomm Plus - 1st Reader
HDR PC-File+ Database header; HDR SPOT image file;
HDS Hierarchical Data System; HDW Vector graphics; Harvard Draw
HDX Help index; AutoCAD - Zortech C++ HEP Novell Help Librarian Data File; Novell NetWare
HEX Hex dump; HFI HP Font Info file; GEM
HGL Highlight groups definitions; DN HGL HP Graphics Language graphics file;
HH C++ header file; HHH Precompiled header file; Power C
HHP Help information for remote users; Procomm Plus HI Game high scores table;
HIN Molecule; HyperChem HIS History of executing/viewing/editing; DN
HLB Help library; VAX HLP Help file;
HLX Multi Edit help file; MultiEdit 5.0 HLZ Multi Edit packed help file; MultiEdit
HMI Music format (MIDI); HMM Alternate Mail Read option menu; Procomm Plus
HMP Music format (MIDI); HNC CNC program files Heidenhain (?) dialog;
HOF Hall Of Fame (game scores); HP Printout file for HP printers/plotters (HP/GL);
HP8 ASCII text HP Roman8 character set; NewWave Write HPF HP LaserJet fonts; PageMaker
HPG see HPGL; HPGL Plotter file vector graphics (Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language); AutoCad - Harvard Graphics
HPI Font information file; GEM HPJ Help project; MS Help Compiler for Windows - HC. EXE
HPK Archive; HPACK HPM Alternate Main menu for privileged users; Procomm Plus
HPM EMM text; HP NewWave HPM High Performance Map; Quaestor 1.x
HPP C++ header file; Zortech C++ - Watcom C/C++ HPPCL Hewlett-Packard Printer Control Language;
HQX Archive (ASCII Mac); BINHEX HRF Graphics file (Hitachi Raster Format);
HRM Alternate Main menu for limited/normal users; Procomm Plus HRZ Graphics format; SSTV
HS2 Monochrome image; Postering HSC 2-op FM music; HSC tracker - hscplay.exe
HSI Handmade Software Inc. graphics file almost JPEG; Image Alchemy HST History file; Procomm Plus
HTM see HTML; HTML Hyper Text Macro Language (WWW); NetScape - Mosaic - many
HTX Hypertext file; HWD Presentation; Hollywood
HXM Alternate Protocol Selection menu for all users; Procomm Plus HXX C++ header file;
HY1 Hyphenation algorithms; Ventura Publisher HY2 Hyphenation algorithms; Ventura Publisher
HYC Data; WordPerfect HYD Hyphenation dictionary; WordPerfect for Win
HYP Archive; HYPER
I Preprocessor output file; Borland C Preprocessor IAX Bitmap graphics (IBM Image Access eXecutive);
IBG PDS graphic file; IBM Archive (Internal IBM only); ARCHDOS
ICA Bitmap graphics (Image Object Content Architecture); ICB Bitmap graphics;
ICC ICC configuration; ICE Archive; Cracked LHA (old LHA)
ICM ICC configuration; ICN ICON source code file;
ICO Icon file; ICONEDIT.EXE ID Disk identification file;
IDB IDA database; IDA IDC IDA C language source; IDA
IDE Borland C++ 4.x IDE project; BCW.EXE IDF MIDI instrument description;
IDS IDA imported names format; IDA IDW Vector graphics; IntelliDraw
IDX Index; many - FoxPro IFD Form; JetForm Design
IFF Interchange Format File (IFF); EA Software - Convert (C) Villena - Amiga IFF Sun TAAC Image File Format; SDSC Image Tool
IFP Script; KnowledgeMan IFS Fractal image compressed file; Yuvpak
IFS Installable file system; OS/2 IGES Initial Graphics Exchange Specification;
IGF Inset Systems; GCGW IHP Watcom help file; whelp.exe
IHS Inbound History; Bink/+ IL hDC Designer Icon Lin Dll format;
ILB Data; Scream Tracker ILK Outline of program's format; MS ILink incremental linker
IM8 Sun raster graphics file; IMA Mirage vector graphics; EGO - Chart - Autumn
IMG ADEX graphic file; IMG Disk Image; NC 5.0
IMG GEM bitmapped graphics file; Ventura IMG Vivid IMG file;
IMP Spreadsheet; Lotus Improv IMQ Image presentation; ImageQ
IN$ Installation file; HP NewWave IN3 Input device driver; Harvard Graphics 3.0
INB Test script; Vermont HighTest INC Include file; several programming languages
IND Data Index; dBASE IV INF Information text file (ASCII);
INF Install script; INF OS/2 hypertext help system file; VIEW.EXE
INF Type 1 LaserJet font information file; soft font installers INFO GNU info reader (output from texinfo); unix
INFO Icon Data (Amiga); INGR Intergraph Raster File Format;
INI Initialization file; INK Pantone reference fills file; CorelDRAW
INS Data; WordPerfect INS Ensoniq Instrument File; Ensoniq
INS Installation script; 1st Reader INS Instrument music file (Adlib);
INT Borland Interface Units; INT Program saved in Internal (semi-compiled) format; Signature
INT Source of Borland interface module; INX Index; Foxbase
IO Archive; CPIO IOB 3d graphics database in TDDD format;
IOC Organizational chart; Instant ORGcharting! ION 4DOS descript.ion file (file descriptions); 4DOS
IP Immortal Player file; Immortal Player IPL Pantone Spot reference palette file; CorelDRAW
IRS Resource (WordPerfect) standard.irs; WordPerfect IRTR Graphicon-2000 Interactive Real-Time PHIGS;
ISD Spelling Checker dictionary; RapidFile ISH Archive; ISH
ISO ISO-9660 table; IST Digitrakker Instrument File; AWAVE
IT Impulse Tracker music file; Impulse Tracker IT Settings; intalk
ITF Interface file; JPI TopSpeed Pascal IV SGI Inventor;
IV-VRML Inventor VRML Format; IW Presentation flowchart; IconAuthor - HSC InterActive
IWA Text file; IBM Writing Assistant IWP Text file; Wang
IZT Izl binary token file; IZL
JAM Jam messagebase; FTN software JAR Archive; JAR
JAS see JASC; JASC Graphics format (JASC);
JAV see JAVA; JAVA Java source code file;
JBD Datafile; SigmaScan JBIG Joint Bilevel Image Group;
JBX Project file; Project Scheduler 4 JET Fax; Hybrid JetFax
JFF see JFIF; JFIF JPEG File Interchange Format;
JIF see JFIF; JMS Music format (JMusic file); UltraForce
JOR Journal file SQL; JOU Journal backup; VAX Edt editor
JPC Graphics; Japan PIC JPEG Graphics file JPEG Joint Photography Experts Group format; QPeg - FullView - Display
JPG see JPEG; JTF Fax; Hayes JT Fax
JTF Graphics (TIFF file with JPEG compression); JW Text document; JustWrite
JWL Library; JustWrite JZZ Spreadsheet; Jazz
Knn Database key file; Clarion K3D Description of macro language 3DS; 3DS
KAR Music format (Karaoke); KAR Precompiled .prg for KARAT; Rus. FOX+ 2.0
KB Keyboard script; Borland C++ 4.5 KB Program source; Knowledge Pro
KBD Keyboard mapping; LogoScript - Signature - Procomm Plus KBM Keyboard mapping; Reflection 4.0
KCL Lisp source code; Kyoto Common Lisp KDC Kodak Digital Camera (graphics); PhotoEnhancer by PictureWorks
KEX Kedit Macro File; Kedit KEY Datafile; Forecast Pro
KEY Keyboard macros; KEY OS/2 archive .key-file (i.e. OS2.KEY); OS/2
KEY Security file eg. Shareware Registration info; KFX Kofax Group; GCGW
KIT Power Chords drum kit file; Power Chord KML Kedit Macro Library;
KPP Toolpad; SmartPad KPS Ibm KIPS bitmap graphics;
KR1 Kurzweil 2000 sample file; AWAVE KR2 Kurzweil 2000 sample file; AWAVE
KRZ Kurzweil K2000 File; Kurzweil KYB Keyboard mapping; FTP Software PC/TCP
L LEX source code file; L Linker directive file; WATCOM wlink
L LISP source code file; LAB Datafile; NCSS - SOLO
LAB Mailing labels; Q+E for MS Excel LAN Erdas image file;
LAN LAN Drivers; Novell NetWare LAY Word chart layout; APPLAUSE
LBG Label generator data; dBASE IV LBL Label; dBASE IV - Clipper 5 - dBFast
LBM Graphics format (Amiga); Pic-view - Deluxe Paint LBM Linear bitmap graphics; XLib
LBO Compiled label; dBASE IV LBR Archive; CP/M LU
LBR Display driver; Lotus 1-2-3 LBT Additional (FPT) label description file; FoxPro
LBX Main (DBF) label description file; FoxPro LCF Linker Control File; Norton Guides compiler
LCH Chart; IBM Works for OS/2 LCK Lockfile; Paradox
LCL Data; FTP Software PC/TCP LCL Data (FTP Software PC/TCP);
LCN Lection; WordPerfect LCS Datafile; ACT! History Files
LCW Spreadsheet; Lucid 3-D LD Long Distance codes file; Telix
LD1 Overlay file; dBASE LDB Data filer database; IBM Works for OS/2
LDB Overlay file; MS Access LDF Data filer form; IBM Works for OS/2
LDF Library definition file; Geoworks Glue LE DOS/4GW executable image; DOS/4GW PM 32X DOS Extender
LES Lesson (check *.cbt); LEV Level file; NetHack 3.x
LEX Dictionary; MS Word - Lexicon LFD LucasArts resource file; LucasArts games
LFT Laser printer font; ChiWriter LG Logo procedure definitions; LSRHS Logo
LGO Logo for header and footer; SuperFax LGO Startup logo code; Windows 3.x
LHA Archive; LHA/LHARC LHW Amiga archive; LHWARP
LIB Library file; several programming languages LIC License file used by some programs to put their license on disk;
LIF Archive; LIF CA Clipper packed file; CA Clipper installer
LIF Logical Interchange Format data file; Hewlett-Packard LIM Archive; LIMIT
LIN Line types; AutoCAD LIS Listing; VAX
LIT Web3D File; Web3D LJ Text file for HP LJ II printer;
LL3 LapLink III related file (document); LapLink III LMP Demo for Doom (computer 3d game); Doom - Doom2
LNG Language defination file; LNK Linker response file; .RTLink
LNK Linker script; LNK Windows 95 shortcut; Windows 95
LOD Load file; LOG Log file;
LPC Printer driver; TEKO LRF Linker response file; MS C/C++
LRP Report; IBM Works for OS/2 LRS Language Resource File; WordPerfect for Win
LSA Lightscape Technologies ASCII; LSB Lightscape Technologies Binary;
LSP LISP language source (autoLISP); LSP LISP source code file; Xlisp
LSS Spreadsheet; Legato - IBM Works for OS/2 LST Filelist; FRQView
LST Keyboard macro; 1st Reader LST List file (archive index - compiler listfile);
LST Listing (e.g. source code); LST Spool file; Oracle
LTM Form (Lotus Forms); Lotus LWD Text document; LotusWorks
LWOB Lightwave Object Format; LWP Word processor; IBM Works for OS/2
LYR Lyrics (ASCII); LZD Difference file for binaries; LDiff 1.20
LZH Archive; LHA/LHARC LZS Archive; LARC
M Macro module; Brief M Source file for MatLab and Mathematica; MatLab - Mathematica
M_U Backup of boot sector, FAT and boot dir; MazeGold M11 Text file; MASS11
M3 MODULA 3 source code file; M3D 3D animation macro;
M3U MPEG-3 standard Playlist file; XING M4 M4 preprocessor file; unix
MA hDC products for MicroApp executable files; MicroApp MA Used by Mathematica for its notebooks; Mathematica
MA3 Macro; Harvard Graphics 3.0 MAC Bitmap graphics file; Macintosh MacPaint
MAC Macro file; Multi Edit MAG Woody Lynn's MAG graphics format; MPS Magro Paint System
MAH Mahjongg Solitaire settings file; Mahjongg Solitaire 2.00 MAI Mail; VAX
MAK Makefile; MAK Project file; VB - VC ++
MAN User guide (manual); MAP Color palette file;
MAP Format data; Micrografx Picture Publisher MAP Linker map file;
MAP Map; Atlas MapMaker MAP Map file (usually created by compilers);
MAP Network map; AccView MAR Assembly program; VAX Macro
MAS SmartMaster set; Freelance Graphics MAT Data; MatLab
MAX MAX source code file; MB Memo field values for database; Paradox
MBK Multiple index file backup; dBASE IV MBX Mailbox data; Eudora/ZERBERUS
MCC Configuration file; Mathcad MCD MathCad file; MathCad
MCF Font file; Mathcad MCI MCI command script; Media Control Interface
MCL Multi Edit macro library; Multi Edit MCP Application script; Capsule
MCP Printer driver; Mathcad MCW Text file; MacWrite II
MD Archive; mdcd10.arc MDA Data; MS Access
MDA MS Access system database; MS Access MDB Microsoft DataBase; Microsoft Access
MDL Model; 3D Design Plus MDL Spreadsheet; CA-Compete!
MDM Modem definition file; TELIX MDR Microdrive file; ZX Spectrum emuulator by g.a.lunter
MDS Midi Session; Sound Imp. MDT Data table; MS ILink incremental linker
MDX Multiple index file; dBASE IV MDZ Text description of music module; Cubic Player - Cross-View
ME MultiEdit configuration; MultiEdit ME Text file READ.ME;
MEB Macro Editor bottom overflow file; WordPerfect Library MEC MECCA source; Maximus
MED Macro Editor delete save; WordPerfect Library MED Music format; MED/OctaMED
MEM Macro Editor macro; WordPerfect Library MEM Memory variable save file; dBASE IV - FoxPro - Clipper
MEM Memos datafile; Clarion MEQ Macro Editor print queue file; WordPerfect Library
MER Macro Editor resident area (vakioalue); WordPerfect Library MES Macro Editor work space file; WordPerfect Library
MES Message; MET Document; Omnipage Pro
MET Macro Editor top overflow file; WordPerfect Library MET OS/2 graphics metafile; PICVIEW.EXE
MEU Menu group; DOS Shell MEX Macro Editor expound file; WordPerfect Library
MEX MEX file (executable command); Matlab MF Metafont file; TeX
MFF MIDI; Cakewalk, MTPro 4 MFM Music format; DMP
MGF Font; Micrografx MGF Materials and Geometry Format;
MGX Designer 4.1 Drawing; Designer 4.1 MIB Snmp MIB file;
MID Standard MIDI file; music synthetizers MIFF Magick Image File Format;
MII Datafile; MicroStat-II MIME Message in MIME format (RFC822);
MIS Mission, used by many games; MIX Object file; Power C
MK Makefile; MK Makefile;
MK Usually makefile; MKE Makefile; MS Windows SDK
MKG Makefile; MKI Graphics format (Japan MKI);
MKI Japanese graphics MAKIchan format; MagView 0.5 MKS Data; TACT
ML3 Project; Milestones 3.x MLB Macro library file; Symphony
MLI 3DS Materials Libraries; 3D Studio MM Text file; MultiMate Advantage II
MMF Mail message file; MS Mail MMM Multimedia movie file, RIFF RMMP format; MacroMind Director 3.x
MMO Memo writer file; RapidFile MMP Output video format from Bravado board;
MND Menu source; AutoCAD Menu Compiler MNG Map; DeLorme Map'n'Go
MNT Additional (FPT) menu description file; FoxPro MNT Menu memo; FoxPro
MNU Advanced macro file; HP NewWave MNU Menu; AutoCAD Menu Compiler - Norton Commander - Signature
MNU Microsoft Mouse menu (for DOS apps); MNX Compiled menu file; AutoCAD
MNX Main (DBF) menu description file; FoxPro MNY Account book; MS Money
MO? Packed mail; FTN software MOB Device definition file; PEN Windows
MOD MODULA-2 source code file; Clarion Modula-2 MOD Modula language source;
MOD Module -- used by Windows for DLL which implement DOS support; Win MOD Music format (Amiga module); DMP - ST - MDP - VP
MOL MOD4WIN PlayList; Mod4Win MON Monitor description; ReadMail
MOV Animation format (Mac); QuickTime MOV Movie file; AutoCAD AutoFlix
MP2 Mpeg audio file; xing MP3 MPEG audio stream,layer 3; AWAVE, CoolEdit(+PlugIn)
MPA MPEG audio stream,layer 1,2,3; AWAVE MPC Calender file; MS Project
MPEG Animation format; MPEG Player MPG see MPEG;
MPL MediaRack Midi Playlist; MediaRack MPM MathPlan macro; WordPerfect Library
MPP Project file; MS Project MPR Generated executable menu file; FoxPro
MPT Bitmap graphics (Multipage TIFF); MPV View file; MS Project
MPX Compiled executable menu file; FoxPro MRB Multiple Resolution Bitmap graphics file; MS C/C++
MRK Windows User Benchmark; Win95 MRS Macro Resource file; WordPerfect for Win
MS Microsoft antivirus report; MSAV MSC Microsoft C makefile;
MSDL Manchester Scene Description Language; MSG Message base (e.g. HMB);
MSG Message text file (ASCII); MSG ZVoice digitized voice file;
MSP Bitmap graphics file; Microsoft Paint MSP Graphics format; Microsoft Paint
MSS Manuscript text file; Perfect Writer - Scribble - MINCE - Jove MST Document; MS Test
MST Minispecification file; Prosa MST Setup script file; MS Windows SDK
MSW Text file; MS Word MSX CP/M archive; MSX
MTH Math file; Derive MTL Wavefront;
MTM Music format; MultiTracker MTS Master Track Pro Files; MTPro 4
MTV MTV Ray Tracer graphic file; MTW Datafile; Minitab
MU Quattro pro for DOS Menu definition file; Quattro Pro MUS Music format (MIDI in Doom);
MUS Sound file; MusicTime MVF Stop frame file; AutoCAD AutoFlix
MVI Movie command file; AutoCAD AutoFlix MVW Log file; Saber LAN
MWF Animation; ProMotion MWS MWave DSP synths instrument; AWAVE
MXL PackRat 5.0 support DLLs; PackRat 5.0 MXT Data; MS C
MYP Presentation; MM Make Your Point
NAM Name Space Modules; Novell NetWare NAP Naplps file (VideoShow); EnerGraphics
NAPLPS North American Presentation Layer Protocol Syntax; NB Text file; Nota Bene
NC Graphics; netcdf NC Instructions for NC (Numerical Control) machine; CAMS
NC Non-error checking preprosessed Goc source code; Geoworks NCC CNC (Computer Numeric Control) control file; CamView 3D
NCD Norton Change Directory support file; Norton Commander NDB Network database; Intellicom - Compex
NDL Nodelist file; NDX Index file; dBASE II - III - IV - dBFast
NEO Raster graphics file; Atari Neochrome NET Network configuration/info file;
netCDF Network Common Data Format; NEW New info;
NFF Haines Neutral File Format; NFF WorldToolKit Neutral File Format;
NFO Filioview database; NFO Help format; Netware Folio
NFO Info file; NG Hypertext Database; Norton Guide
NGO NG linker object file; NGML NGS NG compiler source file; NGC
NIL NIL; Icon Hear-It NITF National Imagery Transmission Format;
NL Norton Desktop Icon Library; NLM Netware loadable module; Novell Netware
NLS National Language Support file; MS-DOS NLX Form; FormWorx 3.0
NOT Notation; NP Project schedule (Nokia Planner); Nokia Planner
NPI Source for DGEN.EXE intepreter; dBASE Application Generator NSS Norton screensaver module; NC - NDW Screen Saver
NST Music module; Amiga Noise Tracker NSX Compound index file; SuccessWare SIX 3.00
NT Startup files; Windows NT NTR Executable ASCII text file (strip header and rename); netrun31.zip
NTS Executable ASCII text file (strip header and rename); netsend1.zip NTS Tutorial; Norton
NTX Database index file; Clipper 5 NUF Message for new users on their 1st call; Procomm Plus
NWS Info text file (latest news) (ASCII); NXT Sound (NeXT format);
O Object file; unix - Atari - GCC O$$ Outfile; Sprint
O01 Typhoon vOice file; AWAVE OAZ Fax; NetFax Manager
OB Object cut/paste file; IBM LinkWay OBD Microsoft Office Binder; MSOffice
OBJ Compiled machine language code; OBJ Object code; Intel Recolatable Object Module
OBJ Wavefront Object; OBR Object browser data file; Borland C++
OBS Script; ObjectScript OBT Microsoft Office Binder Template; MSOffice
OBV Visual interface; ObjectScript OBZ Microsoft Office Binder Wizard; MSOffice
OCF Object Craft File; Object Craft OCR Incoming fax transcribed to text; FAXGrapper
OCT Musical file; Pctalizer OCX New Custom Control's format in VB 4.0; Visual Basic
OCX OLE custom control; ODIF Open Document Interchange Format;
ODL Object Description Language; ODL Type library source; Visual C++
OFD Form definition; ObjectView OFF Object File Format vector graphics;
OFF Object File Format vector graphics file; OFM PostScript font description file;
OFN MS Office documents; MSOffice OHS Outbound History; Bink/+
OKT Music (8 channels); Oktalyzer OKT Music format; Oktalyzer
OLB Object library; VAX OLD Backup file;
OLI Text file; Olivetti OOM Swap file; Shroom
OPN Active options; Exact OPT Delphi project options; Borland Delphi
OPT Optimize support file; QEMM OPT "Options; name used by many programs for configuration information";
OPW Organization chart; Org Plus for Windows OPX Inactive options; Exact
ORA Parameter file; Oracle ORG Calendar file; Lotus Organizer
ORG Origin plot; Microcal Origin OTL Outline font description; Z-Soft Type Foundry
OTL Ventura Publisher's Type Foundry Outline Editor format; OTX Text file; Olivetti Olitext Plus
OUT Output file; OV1 Overlay file (part of program to be loaded when needed);
OV2 Overlay file (part of program to be loaded when needed); OVD Datafile; ObjectVision
OVL Overlay file (part of program to be loaded when needed); OVR Overlay file (part of program to be loaded when needed);
P Database PROGRESS source code; PROGRESS P PASCAL source code file;
P Picture file; APPLAUSE P Rea-C-Time application parameter file; ReaGeniX code generator
P0? Splitted archive UC2; SAS.EXE P10 Tektronix Plot; GCGW
P16 Music (16 channels); ProTracker Studio 16 P22 Patch file (Patch22); Patch22
PA1 Worktable; PageAhead PAC SBStudio II Package or Song; SBStudio II
PAC STAD Image (graphics ?); PAD Keypad definition; Telemate
PAK Archive; Pak PAL Pallette file; Microsoft Draw - Win. Paintbrush - many
PAN Printer-specific file (copy to coreldrw.ink); CorelDRAW PAR Parameter file; Fractint
PAR PARTS application; Digitalk PARTS PAR Permanent output file; Windows 3.x
PAS Pascal language source; Borland Pascal PAT Gravis Ultrasound Patch; Convert (c) Villena
PAT Hatch patterns; AutoCAD - Photostyler PAT Vector fill files; CorelDRAW
PB Fax; FAXability Plus PB Phonebook; WinFax Pro
PB Proboard Conf. files; Proboard PB Setup file; PixBase
PB1 Document; First Publisher for Windows PBA Powerbasic BASIC source code; Genus
PBD Phone book; FaxNOW! - Faxit PBI Powerbasic include file; Genus
PBI Profiler Binary Input; MS Source Profiler PBK Microsoft Network Phone book; MSN
PBL Powerbasic library; Genus PBM PBM Portable Bit Map graphics format; Jasc Media C.
PBM Planar bitmap graphics; XLib PBO Profiler Binary Output; MS Source Profiler
PBT Profiler Binary Table; MS Source Profiler PC Text file containing IBM PC specific info;
PC3 Custom palette; Harvard Graphics 3.0 PC8 ASCII text IBM8 character set; NewWave Write
PCB P-CAD database; P-CAD PCC Cutout picture vector graphics; PC Paintbrush
PCD Graphics format (Kodak Photo-CD); PCD Kodak Photo-CD Image graphics file (768x512); hpcdtoppm
PCF Profiler Command File; MS Source Profiler PCH Patch file;
PCH Precompiled header; MS C/C++ PCJ Multimedia authoring tool graphics file; IBM's Linkaway-Live
PCK Pickfile; Turbo Pascal PCL HP-PCL graphics data file; HP Printer Control Language
PCM OKI MSM6376 synth chip PCM; AWAVE PCM PCM; Authorware
PCS Microsoft PowerPoint picture package; MS PowerPoint - MS ClipArt Gallery PCT Bitmap graphics file; Macintosh b& w PICT1 - color PICT2
PCW Text file; PC Write PCX PC paintbrush bitmap format; QPeg - Display - ZSoft - PC Paintbrush
PDA Bitmap graphics; PDB Data; TACT
PDB Packrat 5.0 data file; Packrat 5.0 PDF Adobe's Portable Document Format; Adobe Acrobat Reader
PDF Graphics file (ED-SCAN 24bit format); PDF Package Definition File;
PDF PCAD Database Interchange Format; Pdifin.exe - Pdifout.exe PDF Print device information Netware;
PDG Print Shop Deluxe data file; PDL Project Description Language file; Borland C++ 4.5
PDS Pds graphics; PDS Planetary Data System Format;
PDS Pldasm source code file (hardware assembly); PDV Printer driver; Paintbrush
PDW Document; Professional Draw PEB Program Editor bottom overflow file; WordPerfect Library
PED Program Editor delete save; WordPerfect Library PEM Program Editor macro; WordPerfect Library
PEQ Program Editor print queue file; WordPerfect Library PER Program Editor resident area; WordPerfect Library
PES Program Editor work space file; WordPerfect Library PET Program Editor top overflow file; WordPerfect Library
PEX Proboard EXecutable file (Executed from PB); Proboard PFA PostScript Font File;
PFA Type 3 font file (unhinted PostScript font); PFB Adobe Acrobat document; Adobe Acrobat Reader
PFB PostScript font; Adobe Type Manager (ATM) PFC Text file; First Choice
PFK Programmable function keys; XTreePro PFM Windows Type 1 font metric file;
PFS Database (PFS:FILE) - text file (PFS:Write); PFS PFT Printer font; ChiWriter
PG Page cut/paste file; IBM LinkWay PGI Printer Graphics File device driver; PGRAPH library
PGL HP Plotter vector graphics format; PGM Graphics format (Portable GrayMap); JASC Media C.
PGM Program; Signature PGP Support file; Pretty Good Privacy RSA System
PGS Manual page; man4dos PH Optimized .goh file; Geoworks
PH PERL header file; PH Phrase-table; MS C/C++
PHD PolyHedra Database; PHM Phone book; DN - Lync
PHN Phone list; UltraFax - QmodemPro PHO Phone database; Metz Phone for Windows
PHP PHP source code (used to create dynamic web content) PHR Phrases; LogoScript
PIC 123 Vector graphics format; CShow - Alchemy - Paint (Pictor) PIC Bitmap graphics file; Macintosh b& w PICT1 - color PICT2
PIC Lotus picture; PIC PIXAR picture file; SDSC Image Tool
PICT Macintosh Picture; PIF OS/2 graphics metafile; PICVIEW.EXE
PIF Program Information File; Windows 3.x PIF Vector graphics GDF format file (IBM mainframe computers);
PiM Pascal Text Mode Image File; The Ultimate Draw PIT Compressed Mac file archive created by PACKIT; unpackit.zoo
PIX Alias image file; SDSC Image Tool PIX Inset Pix;
PJ Project; CA-SuperProject PJT Additional (FPT) project description file; FoxPro
PJX Main (DBF) project description file; FoxPro PK PacKed bitmap font bitmap file (TeX DVI drivers);
PKA Archive; PKARC PKG Installer script; Next
PKG P-CAD database; P-CAD PKT Fido message packet; FTN software
PL Palette; Harvard Graphics PL PERL source code file;
PL Prolog source code file; PL Property List font metric file; TeX
PL1 Room plan; 3D Home Architect PL3 Chart palette; Harvard Graphics 3.0
PLB FoxPro library; FoxPro PLB P-CAD library; P-CAD
PLC Add-in file (functions - macros - applications); Lotus 1-2-3 PLC P-CAD database; P-CAD
PLL Prelinked library; CA Clipper PLM DisorderTracker2 music module; AWAVE
PLN Spreadsheet; WordPerfect for Win PLT HPGL plotter file vector graphics; AutoCAD
PLT Output file for ploter; PLT P CAD: Output file editor for PCPLOT or PCPRINT; P CAD
PLT Page Magic 2.0 paper format; Page Magic 2.0 PLT Palette;
PLT Table for .pll; CA Clipper PLY Data; PopMail
PLY Presentation screen; Harvard Spotlight PLY ZipPack;
PM Bitmap graphics; Presentation Manager PM3 PageMaker 3.0 data file; PageMaker 3.0
PM4 Document; PageMaker 4 PM5 Aldus PageMaker 5.0 publication; Aldus PageMaker
PMC Graphics; A4TECH Scanner PMI OS/2 V3 SVGA PMI-File; Svga.exe
PMM Program file; Amaris BTX/2 PMP PhotoMorph Project; PhotoMorph
PN3 Printer device driver; Harvard Graphics 3.0 PNG Portable Network Graphics;
PNM PBM Portable aNy Map graphics file; PNT Macintosh painting;
PNT Pointlist segment; FTN software PNT QWK reader pointer file; MarkMail 2.x
POH Optimized .goh file; Geoworks POL InnovMetric Software Polygon Models Format;
POP Messages index; PopMail POP Pop-up menu object; dBASE Application Generator
POV Raytraced graphics image; Persistence Of Vision POW Power Chords instrument/song file; Power Chords
PP Amiga archive; POWERPACKER PPB Button bar for Print Preview; WordPerfect for Win
PPD PostScript printer description file; PPJ Premiere Project; Premiere
PPK Archive (using for many distributives); PPK PPL PolaroidPalettePlus ColorKey device driver; Harvard Graphics 3.0
PPM Graphics format (Portable PixelMap); JASC Media C. PPO Preprocessor output; CA Clipper 5.*
PPP Publication; PagePlus PPS Storyboard; Personal Producer
PPS PowerPoint Show PPT General file extension; PowerPoint
PPT Presentations; Microsoft PR1 Packrat 4.0 data file; Packrat 4.0
PR2 Packrat 4.x data file; Packrat 4.x PR2 Presentation; Aldus Persuasion 2.x
PR2 Printer driver; dBASE IV PR3 PostScript printer driver; dBASE IV
PR3 Presentation; Aldus Persuasion 3.x PRD Printer driver;
PRE Presentation; Freelance Graphics PRE Settings; Programmer's WorkBench - MS C/C++
PRE Stork graphic file; PRF CheckIt Pro v1.0 data file; CheckIt Pro 1.0
PRF Pixel Run Format graphics file; Improces - Fastgraph PRF Printer driver; dBASE IV
PRF Profiler output; PRG Program; Atari
PRG Program source; dBASE IV - FoxPro - Clipper 5 - dBFast PRG Program source code (e.g. Clipper language); CA Clipper
PRI Printer definitions; LogoScript PRJ Borland C++ IDE project file; BC.EXE - BCW.EXE
PRM Parameters; PRN Printer driver; Signature
PRN Text file; Lotus 1-2-3 - Symphony PRN Usually printer output file;
PRO Graphics profile file; DOS PRO Proboard conf. file; Proboard
PRO "Profile; used by many programs to store configuration data"; PRO Prolog language source;
PRO PROLOG source code file; PROJ Project File (Interface Builder); NeXT
PRR The Perfect Resume data file; Perfect Resume PRS Norton Viewer DLL file;
PRS Presentation; Harvard Graphics Win PRS Printer Resource eg. fonts; WordPerfect for Win
PRS Procedure; dBASE IV PRT P-CAD component; P-CAD
PRT Printer driver; Dr.Halo PRX Compiled program; FoxPro
PS Document in PostScript format; adobe PSA Archive (Pretty Simple Archive); PSA.OUT (GNU)
PSD Periscope Debbuger Def file; Periscope PSD Photoshop bitmap file; Photoshop
PSE see PSEG; PSEG Bitmap graphics; IBM printer Page SEgment
PSF Outline PostScript printer font; ChiWriter PSM Music format (Protracker Studio Module); Protracker - MASI
PSM Symbol table of IDE; Turbo Pascal PSN Presentation file for Sound Script; Win
PSP Procedure; Prodea Synergy PSQ Premiere Sequence; Premiere
PST Postbox file; BMail PSW File w/ passwords for any program/game; many
PT Game crack; Player Tools PT Kodak Precition Color Management System;
PT3 Device driver; Harvard Graphics 3.0 PT3 Template; PageMaker 3
PT4 Template; PageMaker 4 PT5 Aldus PageMaker 5.0 publication template; Aldus PageMaker
PTB Script; PubTech BatchWorks PTL Premiere Title; Premiere
PTM Macro; PubTech BatchWorks PTM Music format;
PTM Page Magic 2.0 template; Page Magic 2.0 PTR OS/2 cursor image file; ICONEDIT.EXE
PTR QWK reader pointer file; QMail PTU Performer Terrain Utilities;
PUB Page template; MS Publisher PUB Public key ring file; Pretty Good Privacy RSA System
PUB Publication; Ventura Publisher - 1st Publisher PUT Archive; PUT
PUT Graphics format; WScan PVD Script; Instalit
PVL Library; Instalit PVT Local Fidonet pointlist; FTN software
PW Text file; Professional Write PWL Password List;
PWP Text document; Professional WritePlus PX Paradox 3.0 file; Paradox 3.0
PXP 3DS Process file; 3D Studio PXR Pixiar Picio; AltamiraComposer
PY PYTHON script file; PYC Compiled PYTHON script file;
PZD Default settings; Pizazz Plus PZI Graphics format; PZP
PZO Overlay file; Pizazz Plus PZP Palette; Pizazz Plus
PZS Settings; Pizazz Plus PZT Transfer file; Pizazz Plus
PZX Swap file; Pizazz Plus
Q0 Q0 graphic file; QAG Quick Access Group; Norton Desktop
QAP Application; Omnis Quartz QBE Saved query (Query By Example); dBASE IV - Quattro Pro
QBO Compiled query; dBASE IV QBW Spreadsheet; QuickBooks for Windows
QDn Data file - segment n; Omnis Quartz QDK Backup of startup files created by Optimize; QEMM
QDV Graphics file; Steve Blackstock Giffer QEF Query file; Q+E for MS Excel
QFX Fax; QuickLink QLB Quick library; MS C/C++
QLC ATM Type 1 fonts script; Adobe Type Manager QLP Printer driver; QuickLink
QM4 Options or services file; QMail 4.x Mail Door QPR Generated query program; FoxPro
QPR Print queue device driver; OS/2 QPX Compiled executable QBE query file; FoxPro
QRS Equation Editor support file; WordPerfect for Win QRT Graphics format (QRT ray tracing);
QRY Query; dBASE IV QT QuickTime movie (animation);
QTVR QuickTime VR Movie; QWK QWK reader message file;
QXD Document; QuarkXPress QXL Element library; QuarkXPress
R RATFOR (FORTRAN preprosessor) file; Rnn Multi volume RAR archive; RAR
R2D Reflex 2 datafile; Reflex 2 R8 Raw graphics file (one byte per pixel) plane one; PicLab
R8P PCL 4 bitmap font file; Intellifont RA Remote Access conf. files; RA
RAD 2-op FM music; Reality AdLib Tracker RAD Radience;
RAL Remote Access Language file; Remote Access RAM Ramfile; RealAudio
RAR Archive; RAR RAS Graphics format; SUN Raster
RAT Datafile (RATS); RAW HSI raw graphic file;
RAW PCM Signed Raw Sound File; RAW QRT graphic file;
RAY Rayshade; RBF Datafile; Rbase
RC Configuration file; emacs RC Resource Compiler script file; MS C/C++ - Borland C++
RC Resource Script; Resource Writer RC UUPC configuration files; UUPC
RC Windows resource compiler script; RC.EXE -Resource WorkShop - OS/2 RCG Netscape newsgroup file (netsc.rcg);
RDF Compiled UIC source code; Geoworks UI Compiler RDI Device-independent bitmap file (RIFF RDIB format);
RDX Datafile; Reflex REC Archivation protocol; ARCSERVE
REC Datafile; EpiInfo REC Record file; Sprint
REC Windows Recorder Macro File; WinRecorder RED Path info; Clarion Modula-2
RED REDuced nodelist file; T-Mail nodelist Compiler REF Cross-reference;
REG OLE Registration file; Windows 3.x REG Registration information or key;
REM Remarks; REM Remarks definition; Sourcer
REP QWK reader reply file; REP Report; Report Designer - CodeReporter - DataBoss
REP Report file used by many applications; REQ File request; FTN Software
RES Compiled resource; MS C/C++ - Borland C++ RES DBASE resources; dBASE IV
RES Windows compiled resource package; Win REV Revision file; Geoworks
REX PharLab executable file (old format); PharLab REX Report definition; Oracle
REX Rexx language source file; Rexx REZ Resource file;
RF Sun raster graphics file; RFT DCA/RFT Revisable Format Text file; IBM DisplayWrite 4.0-5.1
RGB SGI RGB image file (RAW); SDSC Image Tool RGX Symbol tables etc. info; ReaGeniX code generator
RH Resource header file; Borland C++ 4.5 RH Windows resource file header; RC.EXE
RI Data; Lotus 1-2-3 RIB Graphics (Renderman Interface Bytestream); 3D Reality
RIC Fax; Ricoh RIF RIFF bitmap graphics (Resource Interchange File Format); Fractal Design Painter
RIP TeleGrafix Remote Imaging Protocol; Maximus 3.0 RIX Graphics (ColoRIX Image File); ColoRIX
RL4 Bitmap graphics; RL8 Bitmap graphics;
RLA Wavefront raster image file; SDSC Image Tool RLB Data hgw.rlb; Harvard Graphics Win
RLC Graphics 1bit/pixel scanner output; RLD Norton Commander 5.0 temp file; NC 5.0
RLE Utah Run Length Encoded rasterfile graphic file; SDSC Image Tool RLZ REALIZER source code file; CA-Realizer
RMI Windows alternate synthesized sound format; RIFF RMID format RMK Make file; CA Clipper - RMAKE
RN XPL program for Nota Bene users; RND Rendering Slide; AutoCAD AutoShade
RNO Runoff file; VAX ROL FM music Adlib Music File; Roland
ROM Read Only Memory image in emulators, AONs, etc.; RPB Data report file used by CP Backup; CP Backup
RPD Database; RapidFile RPF AutoCAD pattern; ACAD
RPL Text document; Replica RPT Report file used by many applications;
RS Data file; Amiga Resource - Reassembler RS_ Resource fork of a Macintosh file; Mac-ette
RSC Resource file; ViewMax - many RSL Resource Library used by PC Tools for Windows; PC Tools - Win
RSP Responce File; OS/2 RSP Responce file (text file containing input expected by eg. LINK);
RTF Rich Text Format text file (help file script); many - MS Word RTFD RTF-Packet; NeXT
RTL HP RTL graphic file; RTL Run-Time library; Norton Utilities
RTL Text file; RTP RTPatch software update package data file; Pocket soft patch
RTS Realizer executable file; RTS Runtime library file; CA-Realizer
RUL Echo-conference rules; RUN PC Tools for Windows batch file; PC Tools
RUS Russian text; RV Mobile pricelist data file; Mobile
RVW Review; RWS Borland Resource Workshop symbol file; Resource Workshop
RWS Resource Workshop data file; Borland C++ RWX Criterion RenderWare;
RWX MEME Shape File; RWX Script; RenderWare
RXD Reflex 1 datafile; Reflex 1
S ASSEMBLY source code file; unix S Multi Edit macro file source; Multi Edit
S$$ Temporary sort file; Sprint S1K S1000 Simnet Format;
S3I Digiplayer/ST3 Sample File; Digiplayer - ST3 S3M Music (16 channels); Scream Tracker 3.0 - DMP
SA? Packed mail; FTN software SAF see SAIF;
SAIF Spatial Archive Interchange Format; SAL Datafile; SORITEC
SAM Ami Pro data file; Ami Pro SAM Text file; Samna - Lotus Ami/Ami Pro
SAV Backup file (saved file); SAV Configuration;
SAV Saved game situation; SB Audio file (signed byte);
SB Raw Signed Byte (8bit) data; AWAVE SB Raw Signed PCM Byte 8bit data; AWAVE
SBD Storyboard; Storyboard Editor SBI Sound Blaster Instrument file (Creative Labs);
SBK Emu SoundFont Bank (AWE32 Bank); Convert (c) Villena SBL Stony Brook Pascal library; SB Pascal
SBP DML program; Superbase 4 SBR Support file; Source Browser
SBT Notes related to record; Suberbase 4 Windows SC Display driver; Framework II
SC PAL script; Paradox SC Script; Borland Paradox
SC3 Renamed dBASE III screen mask file; dBASE IV SC3 Screen device driver; Harvard Graphics 3.0
SCA Datafile; SCA SCC Text file;
SCD SCODOL film recorder (Scan Conversion Object Description Language); SCODOL SCF Multimedia show; ScoreMaker
SCF Spelling checker configuration file; Symphony SCH Project schedule; Schedule Publisher
SCH Scheme; P CAD - Orcad SCI Fax; SciFax
SCI System Configuration Information; SCM Scheme source code file;
SCN SCeNe RTrace; SCN Screen file; Kermit
SCO High score; SCO High score;
SCP Script; BITCOM SCR Any other screen system;
SCR DEBUG source code file; DOS Debug SCR Forth screen (source) file; Forth
SCR Screen - screen snapshot; dBASE IV - Procomm Plus SCR Screen font; LogoScript
SCR Screen saver; Windows 3.x SCR Screen snapshop;
SCR Script file source; TeleMate - Kermit - 1st Reader SCT Additional (FPT) screen description file; FoxPro
SCX Chart; Stanford Chart SCX Graphics format; ColoRIX
SCX Main (DBF) screen description file; FoxPro SCY Security file; ReaGeniX
SD Sound Designer I audio file; AWAVE SDA Fidonet's Software Distribution Network file archive description;
SDF Source definition file; Sourcer SDF System Data Format file (fixed lenght ASCII text);
SDI Software Distribution Network Info file; SDK Roland S-550/S-50/W-30 Disk Image;
SDL Alias Wavefront Scene Description Language; SDML Spacial Data Modeling Language;
SDN Software Distribution Network compressd file archive; pak251.exe SDR SmartDraw File; SmartDraw Pro
SDS MIDI Sample DUMP Standard File; SDTS Spatial Data Transfer Standard;
SDW Ami Draw Symbol File; SDX Sample DUMP Exchange File;
SEA Self-Extracting compressed Macintosh file Archive; SEC ----- compressed file;
SEC Diskreet encrypted file; Diskreet SEC Secret key ring file; Pretty Good Privacy RSA System
SEC Secured animation file; Disney Animation Studio SEP Printer separator page;
SEQ Atari animation file; SEQ Sequential Instruction File; Bubble Chamber
SES Session info; Clarion Modula-2 SET Configuration file; 1st Reader
SET Driver sets created by Install; Symphony SET Extension used by Norton Backup and CPS Backup for setup info; Norton Backup - CPS Backup
SET Setup options file; SF IRCAM Sound File; CSound package - MixView sound sample editor
SF WPS attribute storage (OS/2 WorkPlace Shell) wp_root.sf; OS/2 WorkPlace Shell SF2 Emu SoundFont Bank v2.0 file; AWAVE
SFB HP Soft font (obsolete under Windows); SFD SoundStage Data file; AWAVE
SFF Scene File Format; SFI Graphics; SIS Framegrabber
SFI Printer font (HP LaserJet landscape); Ventura Publisher SFL PCL 4 bitmap font (landscape); landscape - Intellifont -Ventura Publisher
SFN Font; SPX SFO Bitstream font file - fontware format;
SFP PCL 4 bitmap font; portrait - Intellifont - Ventura Publisher SFR Sonic Foundry Sample Resource; AWAVE
SFS PCL 5 scalable font file; Intellifont SFT Screen font; ChiWriter
SFX SFX (self-extracting archives) script; RAR SG1 Graphics; Stanford Graphics
SGF Document with graphics; Starwriter SGI Graphics file; IRIS - Silicon Graphics
SGP Statistics; STATGRAPHICS Plus SGT Save/get keyboard macro; Signature
SH ASCII archive; SHAR SH Unix shell script;
SH3 Presentation; Harvard Graphics 3.0 SHAR Archive; UNSHAR (Unix)
SHB Background; CorelShow SHG Segmented Hyper-Graphic;
SHK Apple II archive; SHRINKIT SHM Shell macro; WordPerfect Library
SHP Shape file and source file for text fonts; AutoCAD SHR see SHAR;
SHT HTML format for WWW; NetScape SHW Presentation; Harvard Graphics 2.0 - CorelShow
SHW Slide show; WordPerfect Presentations SHX Shape entities; AutoCAD
SIF Setup Installation Files info; Windows NT Setup SIG Current program settings; Signature
SIG Signature file; ThunderByte AntiVirus - PopMail SIK Backup file (Sicherungskopie); MS Word
SIT Archive (Macintosh); STUFFIT SKY SYLK Spreadsheet file (used by Multiplan);
SL S-Lang source code file; SLB P-CAD library (symbols); P-CAD
SLB Slide library; AutoCAD SLC SALT (script from Telix) compiled code; Telix
SLD Slide; AutoCAD SLI Slide; MAGICorp Slide Service
SLK MS Excel import format; MS Excel SLK SYLK Symbolic Link format data file; MultiPlan
SLL Sound data file; SLT SALT Script Application Language for Telix script source; Telix
SLV Solution for any game; many SM Maillist; SoftSpoken Mailer
SM Script; ScriptMaker SM SMALLTALK source code file;
SM Text file; Samna Word SMF Fax; SMARTFAX
SMM Ami Pro Macro File; Ami Pro SMN Font (ParaGraph's WorkScript format);
SMP Sample (sound file); SMP Samplevision File; Samplevision
SMT Text file; Smart Ware II SN Compressed song file; Sound Club editor
SND Digitized sound file; Macintosh/ATARI/PC SND Power Chords drum sound file; Power Chord
SNG Song (midi sound); Midisoft Studio - Prism SNO SNOBOL4 source code file;
SNP Book-shelf for .BOO; READIBM SNP Output video format from Computer Eyes equipment;
SOL Solution eg. game walkthroughs; SOM Network serial numbers; Quattro Pro
SOM Sort information; Paradox SON Song; SBStudio II
SOU SBStudio II Sound File; SBStudio II SOU Sound data (sound tool);
SP Archive (unix); SPLINT SPC Program; MS Multiplan
SPC Temporary file; WordPerfect for Win SPD Scalable font; Speedo - Harvard Graphics 3.0
SPF Slide presentation file; EnerGraphics SPG Glossary; Sprint
SPI Graphics (Siemens and Philips scanner); SPIFF Still Picture Interchange File Format;
SPL Archive; SPLINT SPL Customized printer driver; Sprint
SPL Personal spell dictionary; Signature SPL Print spooling file; Windows 3.x
SPL Sample; SPM Data wp{wp}.spm; WordPerfect
SPP Printer file; Sprint SPR Document letter; Sprint
SPR Generated executable screen file; FoxPro SPR Sprite;
SPR Story Board sprites; SPS Screen driver; Sprint
SPS SPSSx source code file; VAX/VMS SPT Data support file (MITAC disk/system management utility pack); MITAC disk/system management utility pack
SPT SPITBOL source code file; SPW Worksheet; SigmaPlot
SPX Compiled executable screen file; FoxPro SQD Squish message base; Squish
SQI Squish message base index; Squish SQL SQL language code; Any SQL database
SQL Squish message base lastread pointers; Squish SQZ Archive; SQUEEZE
SQZ FOXPRO Squeeze file; FOXPRO SRC Multi-edit source; Multi-Edit
SRC Source; DataFlex SRF Sun Raster File graphics file;
SRP Script; QuickLink SS Bitmap graphics; Splash
SS Screen saver; DN SSD Datafile; SAS/PC
SSP Datafile; SAS Transport SST AVHRR graphic file;
ST Instrument library; Scream Tracker ST SMALLTALK source code file; Little Smalltalk
ST Stamp; NeoPaint STA Data file; Statistica
STA Saved state; Reflection 4.0 STA Stack; Spinmaker Plus
STB Stub library; Genus GX Kernel STD Standard (something..); LogoScript
STD State Transition Diagram graphic file; Prosa STF Archive; SHRINKTOFIT
STL Stereolithography Interface Format; STM Music format (4 channels) (Scream Tracker Module); ST - DMP
STM State Transition Diagram model file; Prosa STO Pascal stub OBJ file; Genus GX Kernel
STR Gate3 table structure file; STR Structure list object file; dBASE Application Generator
STS Music format (Scream Tracker Song); ST 2.0-2.3 STS Project status info; MS C/C++
STW Data file; SmartTerm for Windows STX Electronic book; SmarText
STX Music format; STX Tax form; CA-Simply Tax
STY "Ami Pro Template (Style); used by other programs for `styles`"; Ami Pro STY Style library or sheet; many
SU? Packed mail; FTN software SUI SUIT library; Simple User Interface Toolkit
SUM Summary; SUN Sun rasterfile graphics file;
SUP Supplementary dictionary; WordPerfect for Win SVD Autosave file for document; MS Word
SVG Autosave file for glossary; MS Word SVQ Music format;
SVS Autosave file for style sheet; MS Word SVW Super Video Windows; Conversion Artist
SVX Interchange, 8SVX/16SV; AWAVE SW Raw Signed Word (16bit) data; AWAVE
SWG SWAG Pascal Snippets file; SWAG SWP Document backup; Sprint
SWP Swap file; SXP 3DS Process file; 3D Studio
SY1 SmartPix symbol library; Ami Pro SY3 Harvard Graphics format;
SY3 Symbol file; Harvard Graphics 3.0 SYD Backup of startup files created by QEMM (?) autoexec.syd;
SYD Sysedit backup file; Sysedit SYM Compiler symbolic information file;
SYM P-CAD component (symbols); P-CAD SYM Precompiled headers; Borland C++
SYM Program symbol table; Power C - MS ILink incremental linker SYM Symbol file; Harvard Graphics 2.0 - MS Windows SDK
SYN SDSC Synu image file; SDSC Image Tool SYN Synonym file; MS Word 5
SYS Datafile; SYGRAPH - SYSTAT - SPSS/PC SYS System file - device driver or hardware configuration info; DOS
SYW Graphics file (symbol); Harvard Graphics Win SYW Yamaha SY-85/SY-99 Wave File; Convert (c) Villena
T Archive without compression (tape); tar T TADS source;
T Tester symbol table; ReaGeniX code generator T?H Turbo Help file (Pascal, C, Assembler, ...); Borland Thelp
T44 Temporary file for Sort or Index; dBASE IV T64 Program; C64S emulator
TAG Query tag name; DataFlex TAH Help file for Turbo Assembler; Borland C++
TAL Adobe Type Align; Adobe TAL Text illustration; TypeAlign
TAP Tape file; ZX Spectrum emulator by g.a.lunter TAR Archive; TAR
TAZ Archive; WinZipNT - TAR - COMPRESS TB1 Font file; Borland Turbo C
TB2 Font file; Borland Turbo C TBF Fax; Imavox TurboFax
TBK FOXPRO template backup file; FOXPRO TBK Memo backup; dBASE IV - FoxPro
TBK Toolbook; Asymetrix ToolBook TBL Aldus TableEditor file; TableEditor
TBL Gate3 table file; TBL Graphics file (native format); PageMaker TableEditor
TBL "Short for Table; used by many programs"; TBL Table of values; OS/2
TBR Norton Desktop custom toolbar; NDW TBS Text elements ?? (Textbausteine); MS Word
TBX Table; Project Scheduler 4 TC Configuration; Turbo C - Borland C++
TCH Help file; Turbo C - Borland C++ TCL Tool Command Language source code; Swat
TCW Drawing; TurboCAD for Windows TD Config from Turbo Debugger; Turbo Debugger
TD0 Compressed diskette in a file; Teledisk TD2 Configuration file; Turbo Debugger for Win32
TDB Database; TACT TDDD Imagine Object File Format;
TDF Speedo font file; TDF Typeface definition file; Speedo
TDH Help file for Turbo Debugger; Borland C++ TDK Keystroke recording file; Turbo Debugger
TDR Contens of Arvid tape; TDS Symbol table; Turbo Debugger
TDW Configuration file; Turbo Debugger for Windows TEF Fax; Relisys TEFAX
TEL Host file; Telnet TEM Input template; IconAuthor
TEM Turbo Editor Macro Language script; Borland C++ TET Tetris results; DN
TEX Datasheet; Idealist TEX TeX text file; Scientific Word - TeX
TEXT Text file; TF Configuration; Turbo Profiler
TFA Area file; Turbo Profiler TFC Catalogue file; Tobi's Floppy Cataloguer
TFH Help file for Turbo Profiler; Borland C++ TFM Tagged font metric file; Intellifont
TFM TeX Font Metric file; TeX TFS Statistical information; Turbo Profiler
TG1 Project file; On Target TGA Targa True Color bitmapped format;
TGZ Archive; WinZipNT - TAR - GNUzip TH? Packed mail; FTN software
THE Windows'95 Desktop Theme; Microsoft Plus THM Picture Publisher or PhotoMagic Thumbnail;
THS Thesaurus dictionary; WordPerfect for Win TIC FTN special file with assotiated file description; ALLFIX
TIF see TIFF; TIFF TIFF (tagged image format file) bitmapped file; Alchemy - PhotoStyler -PageMaker - CorelDRAW
TIL Fuzzy logic knowledge base; Togai InfraLogic Fuzzy-C Compiler TIS Tile set; MahJongg 3.0
TJL Backup file; VAXTPU editor TLB Interoperaility Type Library; Win95
TLB Reference table; Bubble Chamber TLB Text library; VAX
TLB Type library; Visual C++ TLC Compiled Tool Command Language source code; Swat
TLD Disk Image; Teledisk TLP Project; TimeLine
TMF Tagged Font Metric file; WordPerfect for Win TMO ZTG global optimizer default output file; Zortech C++
TMP Temporary file; TMS TeleMate compiled script; TeleMate
TOC Table Of Contents text file (ASCII); TOK Borland C++ 4.x reserved word list; BCW.EXE
TOS Self-extracting file archive (Atari ST); TP Session-state file; Turbo Profiler
TP Turbo Pascal cfg file; Turbo Pascal TP3 Template; Harvard Graphics 3.0
TPB Downloadable PCL Soft font file backup; HiJaak TPF Downloadable PCL Soft font file; HiJaak
TPH Help file; Turbo Pascal TPL Resident units library; Turbo Pascal
TPL Template; Harvard Graphics 2.0 TPL Template file; GoldEd -ITrack
TPP Protected Mode Units; Borland Pascal 7.0 TPU Borland Pascal DOS Mode Library; Borland Pascal
TPU Command file (VAXTPU editor); VAXTPU editor TPW Borland Pascal Windows Library; Borland Pascal
TPW Session-state file; Turbo Profiler for Windows TPZ Archive; TAR - GNUzip
TR Man page input suitable for troff -man; cawf2.zip TR Session-state settings; Turbo Debugger for DOS
TR2 Session-state settings; Turbo Debugger for Win32 TRC Debug support file; Power CTrace
TRE Directory tree file; PC-Tools TRIF Tiled Raster Interchange Format;
TRK Track (i.e. video sequence), used by many games; TRM Terminal settings; Windows 3.x
TRN Translation support file; Quattro - Clarion TRS Executable file; Micrografx
TRU True Basic source file; TRW Session-state settings; Turbo Debugger for Windows
TSK Microsoft Multimedia Task Application; Win95 TSM Turbo Assembler Manual; TASM for OS/2
TST Printer test file; WordPerfect for Win TSV Tab Separated Values;
TTF TrueType Font file; TU? Packed mail; FTN software
TUD The Ultimate Draw file; The Ultimate Draw TUT Tutorial;
TV Table view settings; Paradox TVn Overflow file above insert point in Doc n; WordPerfect for Win
TVF Table view settings; dBASE TXF Archive; TAR and FREEZE
TXI Support file; TeX TXT Common name for ASCII text file;
TXW Yamaha TX-16W Wave File; Convert (c) Villena TYM Time Stamp (PageMaker 4); PageMaker 4
U8 Sample; UB Raw Unsigned Byte (8bit) data; AWAVE
UC2 Archive; UC II UCN New archive; UC II
UDF Filter; Photostyler UDW Raw Unsigned DWord data; AWAVE
UE2 Encrypted archive; UC II UHS Universal Hint System (binary file);
UI Espire source code file; Geoworks UI Compiler UI User interface; Sprint
UIF Long prompts for windows; WordPerfect for Win UIH Espire header file; Geoworks UI Compiler
UL ULAW audio file; ULD Information about uploaded files; Procomm Plus
ULT Music; UltraTracker UMB Backup file; MemMaker
UNI Datafile; Forecast Pro UNI Music format; UNIMOD - MIKMOD
UNX Text file containing UNIX specific info; UPD Update data; dBASE
UPD Update info (new features in program); UPO Compiled update data; dBASE
URT Utah Raster Toolkit; USE Log file;
USP Printer font with USASCII extended character set; PageMaker USR User database file; Procomm Plus - Turbo C++ tour
UW Raw Unsigned Word 16bit data; AWAVE UWF UltraTracker WaveSample; UltraTracker
V Consistency check support file; ReaGeniX code generator V Main input file for an image; Vivid 2.0
V8 Covox 8bit file; AWAVE VAL Validity checks and referential integrity; Paradox for Windows
VAL Values list object file; dBASE Application Generator VAN Animation; VistaPro
VAP Value Added Process; NetWare 2.xx VAR Variable file; IconAuthor
VBR Visual Basic Custom Control file; Visual Basic VBX Visual Basic eXtension; Visual Basic
VBZ Visual Basic Setup Wizard Template; Setup Wizard VC Include file with color definitions; Vivid 2.0
VC Spreadsheet; VisiCalc VCA Visual Clip Art;
VCR VCR drivers for Arvid; VCW Visual workbench information; MS Visual C++
VCX Spreatsheet; VisiCalc Advanced VDA Bitmap graphics;
VDO Story Board video image; Story Board VDR Drawing; ComputerEasy Draw
VEW GroupWise for Windows; Win VEW View file; Clipper 5 - Lotus Approach
VFA FontLab Database file; FontLab VFM Ventura Font Metrics file;
VFM Voting Form; Voter VFN Voting Form for Customers; Voter
VGA VGA display driver; VGA VGA display font;
VGD VGA display driver; Generic CADD VGR Graphics file; Ventura Publisher
VI Graphics file; Jovian Logic VI VI Watcom editor script; VI.EXE
VIC see VICAR; VICAR Graphics (Video Image Communication and Retrieval);
VID Bitmap graphics (YUV12C M-Motion Frame Buffer); VID Graphics format; Word& Deed
VID MS-DOS Shell Monitor file; MS-DOS 5 VID Screen device driver; Word
VIF see VIFF; VIFF Khoros Visualization Image File Format; SDSC Image Tool
VIK Graphics format (VIKING); VIR Virus or infected file;
VIS VIS graphics file; VLM Virtual Loadable Module; Netware
VM Virtual Memory file; Geoworks VMC Virtual memory configuration; DOS/4GW PM 32X DOS Extender
VMF Font characteristics; Ventura Publisher VMS Text file containing VMS specific info;
VO Include file with object definition; Vivid 2.0 VOC Sound format (Creative Lab's Sound File); PlayVoc
VOF Object folder; VZ Programmer VOX Dialogic adpcm file; AWAVE, CoolEdit
VP 3DS Video posting; 3D Studio VPF Vector Product Format;
VPG Graphics file; VPGraphics VPH Virtual Pascal Help; VP/OS2
VPI Virtual Pascal Unit; VP/OS2 VRM Overlay file; QuattroPro
VRM Visual rexx source; WATCOM VREXX VRML Virtual Reality Modeling Language; NetScape
VRP Project; WATCOM VX№Rexx VRS Video Resource eg. video device driver; WordPerfect
VS Include file with surface definition; Vivid 2.0 VSD Diagram; Shapeware Visio
VSD Visio drawing; Visio VSM Simulation model; VisSim
VSP Sprite; SPX VSS SmartShapes file; Shapeware Visio
VSS Visio Template; Visio VST Truevision Vista graphics file;
VST Visio Template; Visio VUE Animation; 3D Studio
VUE View; dBASE IV - FoxPro VW Text file; Volkswriter
VWR File viewer file; PC Tools VXD Windows 3.x virtual device driver; Windows 3.x
W Word chart file; APPLAUSE W01 Yamaha SY-series wave files; AWAVE
W01 Yamaha TX16W wave file; AWAVE W30 Printer font; AST TurboLaser - Ventura Publisher
W31 Startup file; Windows 3.1 W40 Something for Windows95 (e.g. config.w40); Win95
W44 Temporary file for Sort or Index; dBASE W95 Something for Windows95; Win95
WAD War Allocation Daemon; Doom - Doom2 WAS ProComm Script File (source code); ProComm
WAV Sound format (Microsoft Windows RIFF WAVE); Media Player WAX ProComm compiled script; ProComm
WB1 Notebook; Quattro Pro WB2 Spreadsheet; Quattro Pro
WBF MS Windows Batch File; Catch WBK Document/workbook; WordPerfect for Win
WBT Norton Desktop; Norton Desktop WBT Wilsonware Batch file; Winbatch
WCD Macro token list; WordPerfect for Win WCH WordPerfect Macro Facility; WP
WCM Data transmission file; MS Works WCM Macro; WordPerfect for Win
WCP Product information description; WordPerfect for Win WD InfoSelect Data file;
WDB Database; MS Works WE? Packed mail; FTN software
WEB WEB source code file; WebOOGL Web Object Oriented Graphics Library;
WFB Turtle Beach WaveFront Bank; AWAVE WFD Turtle Beach WaveFront Drum; AWAVE
WFM Form object; dBASE Form Designer WFN Font; CorelDRAW
WFP Turtle Beach WaveFront Prog.; AWAVE WFX Data file; Winfax
WG1 Worksheet; Lotus 1-2-3/G WG2 Worksheet; Lotus 1-2-3 for OS/2
WID Width table; Ventura Publisher WIN Window file; FoxPro - dBASE
WIZ Page wizard; MS Publisher WK1 Spreadsheet; Lotus 1-2-3 version 2.x - Symphony 1.1+
WK3 Spreadsheet; Lotus 1-2-3 version 3.x WK4 Spreadsheet; Lotus 1-2-3 version 3.4
WKB Document; WordPerfect for Win WKE Spreadsheet; Lotus 1-2-3 educational version
WKI Spreadsheet format; Lotus 123 2x WKQ Spreadsheet; Quattro
WKS Spreadsheet; Lotus 1-2-3 version 1A - Symphony 1.0 - MS Works WKS Workspace; Xlisp
WKZ Spreadsheet format; Dos Navigator WLK Graphics; Virtus Walkthrough
WLK Walk Through for any game; many WMC Backup of startup files by Windows MathCad autoexec.wmc; MathCad
WMC Macro file; WordPerfect for Win WMC Text file; WordMARC
WMF Windows MetaFile vector graphics; WMP Graphics (Windows Magic Icon Palette);
WN Text; NeXT WriteNow WNF Corel Draw Font File; CorelDraw
WOA Swap file; Windows 3.x WOC Organization; Windows OrgChart
WOW Music (8 channels); Grave Mod Player WP Word Perfect Format; WP
WP5 Document; WordPerfect 5.x WPD Document; WordPerfect 6.0 - PFS:WindowWorks
WPD Windows printer driver (uninstallable); Windows WPF Fax; WorldPort
WPF Form; WordPerfect WPF Document - Word Perfect Format; WordPerfect 4.2-6.6 for DOS
WPG WordPerfect Graphics vector graphics; DrawPerfect WPJ Watcom C/C++ IDE project; IDE.EXE
WPK Keyboard Definition; WordPerfect 5.x-6.x for DOS WPK Macros; WordPerfect for Win
WPL MediaRack Wave Playlist; MediaRack WPM Macros; WordPerfect
WPS Text document; MS Works WQ! Compressed spreadsheet; Quattro Pro
WQ1 Spreadsheet; Quattro Pro WR1 Spreatsheet; Symphony 1.1 - 1.2 - 2
WRD Template; Charisma WRI Write editor format; Write - WinWord
WRK Spreadsheet; Symphony 1.0 WRP Archive; Amiga WARP
WRS Windows Resource eg. printer driver; WordPerfect for Win WS APL Worksheet;
WS Text file; WordStar 5.0-6.0 WS2 Text file; WordStar 2000
WSD Document; WordStar WSP Workspace; Fortran PowerStation
WSQ Wavelet-packet Scalar Quantization Format; WSRC X-wais source;
WST Text file; WordStar WWB Button bar for document window; WordPerfect for Win
WWK Keyboard layout; WordPerfect for Win WXP Document; EXP for Windows
X Archive; X1.EXE X AVS X image file; SDSC Image Tool
X LEX source code file; Xnn Secondary indexes; Borland Paradox
X3D x3d and xdart Formats; XBM X11 Bitmap graphics file;
XCK Extended crack; XCK Extended crack file (usually text);
XCL Xtree for Windows Script file; Xtree for Win XDF OS/2 extended disk format image; XDFCOPY.EXE
XDM Directory Manipulator for 32-bit Protected Mode; Xenotech Research Labs XFN Printer font; Xerox 4045 - Ventura Publisher
XFR Ventura Publisher Bitmap Editor Font file; XFT 24 pin printer font; ChiWriter
XI Fast Tracker 2 instrument file; AWAVE XI Fastracker 2.0 Instrument File; Fastracker 2.0
XLA Add-in macro sheet; MS Excel XLA XLib Archive; xlibpas2.zip
XLB Excel Toolbar; MS Excel XLC Excel Chart; MS Excel
XLD Excel Dialog; MS Excel XLK Excel Archive; MS Excel
XLL Excel Dynamic Link Library; MS Excel XLM Excel Macro File; MS Excel
XLS Excel Spreadsheet; MS Excel XLT Excel Template; MS Excel
XLT Translation table; Lotus 1-2-3 - Symphony - Procomm Plus XLV Excel Module; MS Excel
XLW Excel Workbook; MS Excel XM Fast Tracker 2 extended module; AWAVE, Mod4Win, FastTracker, ImpulseTracker
XM Music format; FastTracker - Cubic Player XMI Compressed eXtended MIdi music;
XNF Standard Network File form; XOF RenderMorphics;
XP eXtended Pattern; FastTracker 2.0 XPM X11 Pixel Map graphics file;
XQT Executable file; Waffle XQT Macro sheet; SuperCalc
XRF Cross-reference file; XTB External translation table; LogoScript
XTP XTreeGold overlay; XTreeGold XWD X Window System window dump image graphics file; SDSC Image Tool
XWK Keyboard mapping; Crosstalk XWP Session; Crosstalk
XWP Text file; Xerox Writer XX Encoded file (ASCII); XXENCODE
XXE Encoded file (ASCII); XXENCODE XY Text file; XY Write
XY3 Text file; XYWrite III XYW Text file; XyWrite III
Y Archive (Amiga); Yabba Y YACC grammar file;
Ynn Secondary index; Borland Paradox YAL Data custom/nature.yal; Arts & Letters
YC Archive; YACC (YAC.EXE) YUV Graphics format (YUV);
YZ Archive; YAC
Z Archive; WinZipNT - COMPRESS - PACK Znn ZIP archive; PKZIP/PKUNZIP
Z3 Infocom game module; Z80 Snapshot; ZX Spectrum emulator by g.a.lunter
ZAD ZFax digitized voice file; ZFax ZDG Compressed ZiffNet text document; Zview
ZER Data file; ZERBERUS ZGM Graphics; Zenographics
ZIP Archive; PKZIP/PKUNZIP ZOM Archive; Amiga ZOOM
ZOO Archive; ZOO ZVD ZyXEL Voicefile; Z-Fax
ZZE Encoded file;

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