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Global block info

Due to notorious vandalisms, punishable threats directed at other users, numerous quotes including Nazi symbols, glorifying war criminals, intimidating users, offensive language and blanking Wiki pages (both in the article namespace and in the user space) coming from dynamic IP addresses of Orange landline (Neostrada) and mobile ranges as well as Play Internet mobile IP ranges, in the face of no reaction from the Internet Service Providers to the emails pointing this destructive behaviour, on July 12, 2012 Wikipedia editing has been disabled for non-registered users connected to the Internet through these operators. A total of 1,114,112 IPs have been initially blocked.

On July 19, 2012 after a favourable reaction of Orange, the block was lifted off 262,144 IPs from the landline service and subsequently 327,860 IPs belonging to the mobile network ranges. This leaves 458,752 IP addresses belonging to P4, the Play network operator, still blocked due to lack of operator reaction.

The block has a global character, which means that no editing is permitted to any language edition of Wikipedia as well as other Wikimedia projects for the IP addresses in question.

If you consider this block to be unjust, and want to complain – please inform your ISP, see the contact information below, because Wikipedia users have exhausted the means of fighting the vandal in question. If you act as a prospective Wikipedia contributor and want to set up a user account – get in touch with one of the administrators and follow the hints shown when attempting to edit articles. Editing process has been blocked only for unregistered users, but they can still be read without hindrances.

We want to apologise to our Readers for the inconveniences and we want to inform that you are still able to edit Wikipedia. It is enough to have a user account which you log onto. In order to set up a user account please get in touch with any of the project administrators. All other users are able to set up user accounts normally.

Wikipedia administrator contact

ISP contacts


  • P4 Sp. z o.o., ul. Taśmowa 7, Warszawa


  • Mobile services

After a favourable reaction of Orange, the block was lifted off 327,680 IPs.

  • Neostrada landline services

After a favourable reaction of Orange, the block was lifted off 262,144 IPs.