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Everyone is welcome to participate and expand on this project! Anyone wishing to contribute in any way is welcome to sign up in the participants section – this way we will be able to track new additions to the project, and get in touch with you!

We need your help![edytuj | edytuj kod]

Help us check and expand articles on Wikipedia in various language versions that are related to our subject. We've prepared an initial list of suggested articles, and articles to be expanded, based on Polish and English-language Wikipedia. As content varies with each language version, we appreciate your comments (please leave comments on the article discussion page).

How to contribute[edytuj | edytuj kod]

  • Surf your language Wikipedia to check the quality and existence of key articles;
  • Suggest articles for creation or improvement in your language;
  • Get into writing the articles;
  • Expand on, or comment on, the bibliography;
  • Help illustrate the articles with images from the relevant categories.

Main list of articles[edytuj | edytuj kod]

EN PL FR/Volunteer DE/Volunteer RU/Volunteer Other/Volunteer
Auschwitz Jewish Center Centrum Żydowskie w Oświęcimiu Centre Juif d'Auschwitz
The Great Synagogue Memorial Park in Oświęcim Park Pamięci Wielkiej Synagogi w Oświęcimiu Parc commémoratif de la Grande Synagogue d'Oświęcim
The Great Synagogue in Oświęcim Wielka Synagoga w Oświęcimiu
Jewish Cemetery in Oświęcim Cmentarz żydowski w Oświęcimiu
Shimson Kleuger Szymon Kluger Shimson Kleuger Клугер, Шимон
Henryk Schönker Henryk Schönker
Leon Schönker Leon Schönker
Jakub Haberfeld Jakub Haberfeld
Museum of Jewish Heritage
Tova Berlinski Tova Berlinski
Carl Korn