Peter van Inwagen

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Peter van Inwagen (ur. 21 września 1942) - amerykański profesor filozofii, wykłada na Uniwersytecie Notre Dame. Jest autorem ważnych prac na temat wolnej woli.

Wybrane publikacje[edytuj]


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    • "A Theory of Properties," Oxford Studies in Metaphysics (2004)
    • "Existence, Ontological Commitment, and Fictional Entities," The Oxford Handbook of Metaphysics (2003)
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    • "Materialism and the Psychological Continuity Account of Personal Identity", Philosophical Perspectives (1997)
    • "Temporal Parts and Identity across Time," The Monist (2000)
    • "Modal Epistemology," Philosophical Studies (1998)


    • The Problem of Evil (2006)
    • Ontology, Identity, and Modality (2001)
    • The Possibility of Resurrection and Other Essays in Christian Apologetics (1997)
    • God, Knowledge and Mystery (1995)
    • Metaphysics (1993)
    • Material Beings (1990)
    • An Essay on Free Will (1983)