Nagroda Mythopoeic

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Nagroda Mythopoeic (mythopoeicgr. tworzenie mitów) – nagroda w dziedzinie literatury przyznawana od 1971 r. przez Mythopoeic Society autorom utworów fantasy oraz badaczom literatury fantasy i szeroko pojętych mitów.

Nagrodę literacką wielokrotnie otrzymali Mary Stewart, Jane Yolen, Neil Gaiman, Peter S. Beagle, Patricia A. McKillip, Diana Wynne Jones.

Kategorie nagród[edytuj | edytuj kod]

Początkowo były przyznawane dwie nagrody. Od roku 1992 nagrodę dla literatury fantasy rozdzielono na dwie kategorie: dla dorosłych i dzieci. W tym samym roku dla prac krytycznoliterackich wprowadzono drugę kategorię: mity i fantasy, obok studiów nad działalnością Inklingów.

  • Literatura fantasy (do 1991 r.)
  • Literatura fantasy dla dorosłych (od 1992 r.)
  • Literatura fantasy dla dzieci (od 1992 r.)
  • Literatura krytycznoliteracka poświęcona grupie Inklingów
  • Literatura krytycznoliteracka poświęcona mitom i fantasy (od 1992 r.)

Lista laureatów[edytuj | edytuj kod]

Nagroda Mythopoeic dla literatury fantasy (1971–1991)[edytuj | edytuj kod]

Rok Tytuł Autor
1971 The Crystal Cave Mary Stewart
1972 Red Moon and Black Mountain Joy Chant
1973 The Song of Rhiannon Evangeline Walton
1974 The Hollow Hills Mary Stewart
1975 A Midsummer Tempest Poul Anderson
1981 Niedokończone opowieści J.R.R. Tolkien
1982 Małe, duże John Crowley
1983 The Firelings Carol Kendall
1984 When Voiha Wakes Joy Chant
1985 Cards of Grief Jane Yolen
1986 Bridge of Birds Barry Hughart
1987 The Folk of the Air Peter Beagle
1988 Siódmy syn Orson Scott Card
1989 Unicorn Mountain Michael Bishop
1990 The Stress of Her Regard Tim Powers
1991 Thomas the Rhymer Ellen Kushner

Nagroda Mythopoeic dla literatury fantasy w kategorii literatura dla dorosłych (od 1992)[edytuj | edytuj kod]

Rok Tytuł Autor
1992 A Woman of the Iron People Eleanor Arnason
1993 Briar Rose Jane Yolen
1994 The Porcelain Dove Delia Sherman
1995 Something Rich and Strange Patricia A. McKillip
1996 Przebudzenie księżyca Elizabeth Hand
1997 The Wood Wife Terri Windling
1998 The Djinn in the Nightingale's Eye A.S. Byatt
1999 Gwiezdny pył Neil Gaiman i Charles Vess
2000 Tamsin Peter S. Beagle
2001 The Innamorati Midori Snyder
2002 Klątwa nad Chalionem Lois McMaster Bujold
2003 Ombria in Shadow Patricia A. McKillip
2004 Sunshine Robin McKinley
2005 Jonathan Strange i pan Norrell Susanna Clarke
2006 Chłopaki Anansiego Neil Gaiman
2007 Solstice Wood Patricia A. McKillip
2008 Opowieści sieroty (t.1 W ogrodze nocy; t.2 W miastach monet i korzeni) Catherynne M. Valente
2009 Flesh and Spirit i Breath and Bone Carol Berg
2010 Lifelode Jo Walton
2011 Redemption in Indigo Karen Lord
2012 The Uncertain Places Lisa Goldstein
2013 Digger Ursula Vernon
2014 Golem i dżin Helene Wecker
2015 Tales from Rugosa Coven Sarah Avery
2016 Wybrana Naomi Novik
2017 Kingfisher Patricia A. McKillip
2018 Ka: Dar Oakley in the Ruin of Ymr John Crowley
2019 Moc srebra (Spinning Silver ) Naomi Novik
2020 Snow White Learns Witchcraft Theodora Goss

Nagroda Mythopoeic dla literatury fantasy w kategorii literatura dziecięca (od 1992)[edytuj | edytuj kod]

Rok Tytuł Autor
1992 Haroun and the Sea of Stories Salman Rushdie
1993 Knight's Wyrd Debra Doyle i James D. Macdonald
1994 The Kingdom of Kevin Malone Suzy McKee Charnas
1995 Owl in Love Patrice Kindl
1996 The Crown of Dalemark Diana Wynne Jones
1997 (w jednej kategorii z literaturą dla dorosłych)
1998 trylogia Young Merlin (Passager, Hobby, i Merlin) Jane Yolen
1999 Dark Lord of Derkholm Diana Wynne Jones
2000 The Folk Keeper Franny Billingsley
2001 Aria of the Sea Dia Calhoun
2002 The Ropemaker Peter Dickinson
2003 Summerland Michael Chabon
2004 The Hollow Kingdom Clare B. Dunkle
2005 Kapelusz pełen nieba Terry Pratchett
2006 Trylogia Bartimaeusa Jonathan Stroud
2007 Corbenic Catherine Fisher
2008 cykl Harry Potter J.K. Rowling
2009 Graceling Kristin Cashore
2010 Where the Mountain Meets the Moon Grace Lin
2011 seria The Queen’s Thief Megan Whalen Turner
2012 The Freedom Maze Delia Sherman
2013 Vessel Sarah Beth Durst
2014 Doll Bones Holly Black
2015 A Snicker of Magic Natalie Lloyd
2016 Castle Hangnail Ursula Vernon
2017 The Inquisitor's Tale: Or, The Three Magical Children and their Holy Dog Adam Gidwitz
2018 Frogkisser Garth Nix
2019 Bob Wendy Mass i Rebecca Stead
2020 Dragon Pearl Yoon Ha Lee

Nagroda Mythopoeic dla prac krytycznoliterackich poświęconych grupie Inklingów[edytuj | edytuj kod]

Rok Tytuł Autor
1971 C.S. Kilby; Mary McDermott Shideler
1972 Walter Hooper
1973 Master of Middle-earth Paul H. Kocher
1974 C.S. Lewis, Mere Christian Kathryn Lindskoog
1975 C.S. Lewis: A Biography Roger Lancelyn Green i Walter Hooper
1976 Tolkien Criticism Richard C. West
C.S. Lewis, An Annotated Checklist Joe R. Christopher i Joan K. Ostling
Charles W. S. Williams, A Checklist Lois Glenn
1981 Christopher Tolkien
1982 The Inklings Humphrey Carpenter
1983 Companion to Narnia Paul F. Ford
1984 Droga do Śródziemia T. A. Shippey
1985 Reason and Imagination in C.S. Lewis Peter J. Schakel
1986 Charles Williams, Poet of Theology Glen Cavaliero
1987 J.R.R. Tolkien: Myth, Morality and Religion Richard Purtill
1988 C.S. Lewis Joe R. Christopher
1989 The Return of the Shadow J.R.R. Tolkien pod red. Christophera Tolkiena
1990 The Annotated Hobbit J.R.R. Tolkien pod red. Douglasa A. Andersona
1991 Jack: C.S. Lewis and His Times George Sayer
1992 Word and Story in C.S. Lewis pod red. Petera J. Schakela i Charlesa A. Huttara
1993 Planets in Peril David C. Downing
1994 J.R.R. Tolkien, A Descriptive Bibliography Wayne G. Hammond, współpr. Douglas A. Anderson
1995 C.S. Lewis in Context Doris T. Myers
1996 J.R.R. Tolkien: Artist and Illustrator Wayne G. Hammond i Christina Scull
1997 The Rhetoric of Vision: Essays on Charles Williams pod red. Charlesa A. Huttara i Petera Schakela
1998 A Question of Time: J.R.R. Tolkien’s Road to Faërie Verlyn Flieger
1999 C.S. Lewis: A Companion and Guide Walter Hooper
2000 Roverandom J.R.R. Tolkien pod red. Christiny Scull i Wayne’a G. Hammonda
2001 J.R.R. Tolkien: Author of the Century Tom Shippey
2002 Tolkien’s Legendarium: Essays on the History of Middle-earth pod red. Verlyn Flieger i Carla F. Hostettera
2003 Beowulf and the Critics, J.R.R. Tolkien pod red. Michaela D.C. Drouta
2004 Tolkien and the Great War: The Threshold of Middle-earth John Garth
2005 War and the Works of J.R.R. Tolkien Janet Brennan Croft
2006 The Lord of the Rings: A Reader's Companion Wayne G. Hammond i Christina Scull
2007 The J.R.R. Tolkien Companion and Guide Wayne G. Hammond i Christina Scull
2008 The Company They Keep: C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien as Writers in Community Diana Pavlac Glyer
2009 The History of the Hobbit (Part One: Mr. Baggins; Part Two: Return to Bag-end) John D. Rateliff
2010 Tolkien, Race, and Cultural History: From Fairies to Hobbits Dimitra Fimi
2011 Planet Narnia Michael Ward
2012 Tolkien and Wales Carl Phelpstead
2013 Green Suns and Faërie: Essays on J.R.R. Tolkien Verlyn Flieger
2014 Tolkien and the Study of His Sources: Critical Essays red. Jason Fisher
2015 C.S. Lewis and the Middle Ages Robert Boenig
2016 Charles Williams: The Third Inkling Grevel Lindop
2017 The Fellowship: The Literary Lives of J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Owen Barfield, Charles Williams Philip Zaleski i Carol Zaleski
2018 The Inklings and King Arthur: J.R.R. Tolkien, Charles Williams, C.S. Lewis, and Owen Barfield on the Matter of Britain pod red. Søriny Higgins
2019 There Would Always Be a Fairy Tale: More Essays on Tolkien Verlyn Flieger
2020 „The Sweet and the Bitter”: Death and Dying in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings Amy Amendt-Raduege

Nagroda Mythopoeic dla prac krytycznoliterackich poświęconych mitom i fantasy[edytuj | edytuj kod]

Rok Tytuł Autor
1992 The Victorian Fantasists pod red. Kath Filmer
1993 Strategies of Fantasy Brian Attebery
1994 Twentieth-Century Fantasists pod red. Kath Filmer
1995 Old Tales and New Truths: Charting the Bright-Shadow World James Roy King
1996 From the Beast to the Blonde Marina Warner
1997 When Toys Come Alive Lois Rostrow Kuznets
1998 The Encyclopedia of Fantasy pod red. Johna Clute’a i Johna Granta
1999 A Century of Welsh Myth in Children's Literature Donna R. White
2000 Strange and Secret Peoples: Fairies and Victorian Consciousness Carole G. Silver
2001 King Arthur in America Alan Lupack i Barbara Tepa Lupack
2002 The Owl, the Raven & the Dove: The Religious Meaning of the Grimms' Magic Fairy Tales G. Ronald Murphy
2003 Fairytale in the Ancient World Graham Anderson
2004 The Myth of the American Superhero John Shelton Lawrence i Robert Jewett
2005 Robin Hood: A Mythic Biography Stephen Thomas Knight
2006 National Dreams: The Remaking of Fairy Tales in Nineteenth-Century England Jennifer Schacker
2007 Gemstone of Paradise: The Holy Grail in Wolfram's Parzival G. Ronald Murphy, S.J.
2008 The Shadow-Walkers: Jacob Grimm’s Mythology of the Monstrous Tom Shippey
2009 Four British Fantasists: Place and Culture in the Children's Fantasies of Penelope Lively, Alan Garner, Diana Wynne Jones, and Susan Cooper Charles Butler
2010 One Earth, One People: The Mythopoeic Fantasy Series of Ursula K. Le Guin, Lloyd Alexander, Madeleine L’Engle and Orson Scott Card Marek Oziewicz
2011 The Victorian Press and the Fairy Tale Caroline Sumpter
2012 The Enchanted Screen Jack Zipes
2013 Song of the Vikings: Snorri and the Making of Norse Myths Nancy Marie Brown
2014 Tree of Salvation: Yggdrasil and the Cross in the North G. Ronald Murphy
2015 Stories About Stories: Fantasy and the Remaking of Myth Brian Attebery
2016 The Evolution of Modern Fantasy: From Antiquarianism to the Ballantine Adult Fantasy Series Jamie Williamson
2017 Elf Queens and Holy Friars: Fairy Beliefs and the Medieval Church Richard Firth Green
2018 Children's Fantasy Literature: An Introduction Michael Levy i Farah Mendlesohn
2019 Celtic Myth in Contemporary Children’s Fantasy: Idealization, Identity, Ideology Dimitra Fimi
2020 A Modernist Fantasy: Modernism, Anarchism, and the Radical Fantastic James Gifford

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